To help increase his self-respect Dhruv performs at a bar. Navya and Kabir interview parents for the adoption of the baby. Manik is sad as he is not able to make Dhruv understand. RJ Kabir is in high spirits and energy on his first day at job but when the news about Abhimanyu’s terminal condition sinks in, everyone is left in a sombre state. Harshad provokes Aryaman against Manik. Manik opens the gift sent by Soha to Nandini.

Aryaman’s plan gets bumped off as Nandini walks closer to Manik. Trilok over hears their conversation. Manik and Nandini join hands to help Dhruv and Rishabh out. Trilok is happy to see Manik and Nandini apart. Manik decides to make Rocky pay for Mukti’s humiliation and Nandini takes the initiative to form the plan. The season ends with a cliffhanger in which Rachel goes to greet Ross at the airport after his return, unbeknownst to her that he has a new girlfriend.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Season 01 Episode 195

Dhruv and Alya confess their feelings for each other. Manik wishes Nandini goodluck for the competition.

Manik reveals the truth about Soha to Aryaman. Nandini’s grandmother talks to Nandini and reminds her of the incident with Prof Pandit. Mukti confronts Abhimanyu for not showing up the previous night. Kabir is episide to take the drastic step when Manik saves him. Sunday, 24 February Trilok uses the rift between Dhruv and Manik to drop Manik from the fusion concert.


Manik hides Nandini in his house to avoid his band members discovering her. It is established early on in the season that Ross has been in love with Rachel since the two characters attended high school.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Season 1 – Episode 192 – MANIK AND NANDINI SING

Manik is angry with Nandini. Mystery deepens when Mukti sees Abhimanyu epislde but soon learns from Abhimanyu’s father the grave truth that’ll haunt her for a long time. Nandini and Manik checkout the construction site.

The series premiered to 4.

Singer Brendon Urie dropped the visual for Panic! Dhruv breaks his friendship with Nandini in order to secure his friendship with Manik. Harshad gets tensed about Navya. Manik is shocked to know the truth about Kabir which he had kept secret until now. Abhimanyu tells Nandini about him leaving the college. Nandini gets angry with Manik because of Soha. With Dhruv’s moment lost, Alia and Mukti engage in some tete-a-tete. Manik tries to connect with Dhruv. Niyonika tells Nandini to do what she asks if she wants to save Manik and uses her as a witness.

Kabir and Raghav continue to meet secretly.

Alya has another stress burst and decides to leave Fab5. Navya’s roommate gets her back to the hostel. Season 4 Season 4 may refer to: Fab5 decide to perform for Mr. The nine founder members were:. Mukti asks Harshad about Aryaman. Part one of Raghav’s punishment has concluded. Find the button on any track to add it to your Bookmarks!


Harshad stops Mukti from contacting Dhruv at the bar. Alya has a stress burst on Dhruv. He also interchanges the members of the two bands.

A reunion to celebrate Nandini’s return at S. The song talks about how becoming a musician is not smooth. Manik tries different ways to get Nandini’s attention.

Kabir shares his feelings with Navya. She blames Manik for all of her troubles. Navya’s parents fix up her marriage with Sunny.

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Part two consists of the bands performing live that too only with the found instruments. Manik plans a surprise for Fab5. Manik goes after Harshad for revenge. Kabir comes up with a plan to unmask Harshad’s true face in front peisode his band.