Nin-Riser is built for high-speed battles and can fight both long and short range, the Riser Striker , a pair of blades, being its main melee weapons and the Howling Burst being its primary ranged attack. Ryuto is represented by Seiryuu. In battle, she can hold her own, as she is an excellent archer. Zora to support the Cyber Knights, then Bachuss and finally Adorocs. He has feelings for Yuka. But when Kujo learns the truth, Adoroc decides to have the military kill off the Jusirizers and company as they escape their cell. She falls in love with Shiniya. This series is the second in Toho’s Seishin Star God series.

He decided running away from them, making his college friends teasing about it. But after Daruga severs his escape route, a fearful Adrorocs is forced to fight for his life until Shirogane destroys him. When the Justirisers flee the hidden base after encountering Hades, Zora attacks the Justirisers as she destroys the Stellar Plate. Eventually, he develops feelings for Reika, who later becomes associated with Riser Power. Its finisher is the Shining Slicer where it rams straight into the enemy with its wings basked in Plasma Energy. When on Earth, Daruga overpowers Shirogane in their first battle before taking his leave. Becoming Shirogane caused shock to Shouta’s body the first few times, but afterward he was able to transform without difficulty.

While the main Justiriser controls Riseross, the other two can summon and control their own SeiShinJuu Enoh, Kouki, Ranga remotely from Riseross’s cockpit to support the main mecha. She personally battles the Justirisers when they search for the Seventh key Plate at Kamishiroyama, using her teleportation power to divide and conquer them. Eventually, he develops feelings for Reika, who later becomes associated with Riser Power. His awakening traces back from the same incident as Yuka which he helped in the evacuation of those running away from the attack, but caught himself nearly crushed by the rubble caused in which the Justipower of Thunder indwelled him and created a similar barrier that protected him.

After defeating Kageri, he is confronted by Demon Knight who fights him to pay back for the earlier attempt on his life.

After becoming a Justiriser, he takes up the job of protecting humanity instantly, and begins to take his kendo practice more seriously… although not his schoolwork.

Having the ability to recreate episofe if he has a genetic sample of them, Adorocs revives Bachuss and Zora after testing the limits of the Justirisers and Demon Knight. Allies in Justirisers are their support and struggle to defence the earth from enemy invasion and mission to defeated all enemy in the story episodes. She also arms herself with various kinds of batons, clubs, and truncheons. Zora to support the Cyber Knights, then Bachuss and finally Adorocs. Learning of Hades’ death, he spearheads the Earth destruction back up plan while having his Rejandar forces hold the Justirises off until he arrives to Earth.


However, she acts on her own to sake her own desire for revenge against her and the other Justi Risers. Its main Finisher is Mega Heat Slashan extremely powerful attack which fuses both its Katanas into the single Brave Phoenix Sword that cleaves the enemies into two with Flame Energy, and Cross Fire-Burst which the Riser Sabers turn into long fiery whips and episofe a highly destructive Episide Cross-Slash on the enemy.

But they fail to invoke him, Bachuss decides to mercilessly attack the Justirisers in hope that Shirogane manifests using Gentarou as a hostage before Mio arrives and the JustiPower knocks him back to Hades. However, as Hades’ ship emerges from Kamishiro Mountain, Zora enlarges into a giant monster to keep Riseross from intercepting eplsode.

Its core power has the combined powers of all 3 Justirisers magnified by the JustiCrystal that Mio holds and lasts as long as she can maintain the unity within it. But managing to escape and seeing conquering the planet impossible, Kurogane summons the Diglos to Earth to wipe it out from the universe.

Zora who eventually begins to destroy the Stellar Plates to undo the seal found in Hades. She values Mio as much as she can in protecting her and the duty that she is going to partake.

Upon learning of jjustirisers son as one of the Justirisers, he offers his aid to the team. Justorisers falls in love with Shiniya. Her marine-coloured suit’s design is based on the Japanese Kuno-ichi Female Ninja with her helmet bearing the Tiger Motif.

But once exposed, Jinno battles the Justirisers jhstirisers both human form and as Demon Knight. Sometimes his strong heroic sense of chivalry leads to protecting Mio since he has deep feelings for the kustirisers, lest he wants to protect her from any harm.

In this form, Riser Gant becomes the main pilot within Riseross’s cockpit. Articles containing Japanese-language text.

He has feelings for Yuka.

Justiriser 37

Glen’s Justipower specializes in close-range combat and harnesses Flame Energy in his attacks, including his punching move “Blazing Knuckle” and his aerial-kicking move “Cross-Fire Kick”.


Each one is equipped with an In-Loader that allows them to generate a high-powered suit of armor that transforms them into a Justiriser. Being a warrior himself, he easily overpowered the Justirisers himself in his initial introduction, attempting to offer Gant the chance to join his army.

Several females high school students called him “Shin-sama”. She almost kills them when Mio invoked her JustiPower in her crystal to drive Zora back.

Though the Justirisers attempt to intervene, Zora shatters the key plate and frees Hades as she is wounded by then as they manage to turn the tables on her. This form and finisher dpisode exactly the same one as the human-sized version, but scaled-up in magnitude and power as well as gaining the power to deflect attacks similar to that of Shirogane’s GenSeiShin “Ryuuto”.

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Enemies in Justirisers divided into 2 partthey are: But when Kujo learns the truth, Adoroc decides to have the military kill off the Jusirizers and company as they escape their cell.

It is the base to which each of the specific SeiShinJuu combine with, to form a more powerful robot called a GenSeiShin. It takes much for anyone to become friends with him, and earning his trust is hard. Kageri’s Justipower utilizes powers of Wind in her Shinobi-style moves with High-Speed attacks being her specialty, allowing her to perform moves such as “Tornado Splash” that allows her to evade enemy attacks.

However, Zora regenerates into a new stronger fighting form and begins going after the Stellar Plates to break the seal keeping Hades trapped. By present day, Dr.

The “Gant Slugger” can be powered-up to become the “Gant Buster” which activates two additional barrels at the centre of the weapon as well as the Target Anchor that locks onto the enemy, allowing Gant to perform this form’s finisher “Varsus Cannon” that shoots out powerful lightning bolts from all its barrels to pulverize his enemy, while another of Gant’s finisher “Thrust Shoot” can be performed with the “Gant Rifle” mode.

The Riser Sabers are used to perform two of its finishers: