Big Wolf on Campus: Mark Kermode’s Secrets of Cinema: Select a track to watch the music video here. In both films, the bartenders are dressed in red tuxedos, carry themselves in a sophisticated manner, have a strange friendship with the lead male, are not concerned with payment and are unable to leave. The Hotwives of Las Vegas: Blood pouring out of the elevator? As he follows them, they run down one way.

Danny tricked Jack this same way in The Shining. An unexpected error has been encountered. Are You There, God? The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: Escape through a grass maze like the end of the film. Vision of a Future Passed:

Die schlechtesten Filme aller Zeiten: Making a Scene with James Franco: The choice of bright blue for the title text and credits was also a nod to The Shining.

As he follows them, they run down one way. Halloween Horror Top 25, nr.

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In The Shining, Room is the room of horrors where Danny is attacked and Jack sees the horrific woman in the bathtub. Nurse Lucafont”, spoofing the “Heeeeeres Johnny! Nilbog is ‘Goblin’ backwards! This is a reference to The Dramx movie poster and Scatman Crothers.


The Girls Next Door: Also, during the Club Management side-missions, Joni says this to Luis when she seduces him. A girl in a teddybear suit is on her knees in front of a sitting sharp dressed man.

He asks her, “Did you see The Shining? Edit Profile View as Public Logout. Want to watch more videos for this song? Die Harald Schmidt Show: He looks again a moment later and they’re gone. When Lloyd leaves the bar, he also notices a framed newspaper story about the Apollo 11 moon landing, and exclaims “We landed on the moon!


Make my profile public at. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. The Shining Did You Know?

The room looks identical to the end of the hallway in The Shining in the scene where blood pours out of the lift. Are You There, God? Please select a valid image file.

This is a reference to The Shining.

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Flaca Tirame Un Hueso. The scene is similar to the part in The Shining where Johnny hacked the frame open. Are you certain you want to delete this board? The girls say “Come play with us Stewie electrk ever and ever.


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Nada Tenho de Meu: She flips faster and flaac — in the exact same manner as Wendy in “The Shining,”. Torque will then hallucinate and see images of his children. The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Roth mentions having a jaundiced Jack Nicholson as a patient, he further saying “here’s jaundiced” much like Nicholson said “here’s Johnny” in the movie. The Misadventures of Onipex and Pals: A Touch of Frost: Chris Stuckmann Movie Reviews: Joyce’s response is a reference to The Shining: Eli Roth’s History of Horror: Hewy’s Animated Movie Reviews: TV Heaven, Telly Hell: When he walks up it and follows the wall, he runs into an opening that has walls made of vegetation.

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