Khushi tells him not to worry as she isn’t afraid of the dark. She settles on GR, excitedly writing it down for her new business cards. Vithal says what name did you say? Kamla says come with me I wanna show you something after that you can deicide if you want to help us or not. Khushi removes the parda and ASR looks at her in thewhite saree and seems mesmerized,Khushi keeps trying to fix the pallu, ASR just looks at her. Newer Post Older Post Home. He says, is there any rule that a woman cannot marrige???. He stops suhana and says I love you suhana.

He notices and log of somesort and hugs Khushi and tells her he is sorry and i think he wacks herwith it. Tell her that there is something important so I had to leave. The piano ASR theme plays as Arnav asks for some to think. They are shocked and in tears. Astha thinking is modern, If i have thought earlier just like Astha then this much couldn’t have happened. He says that Jyothi is correct. Kamla comes in and says we need you tai. Kamla and vitthal smile and cry both.

Kamla says that culprit is still at large, who killed Mehta.

Mrs Mehta comes to the liunge. She says dheraj is doing all this to save her son.

Have you seen payar Kamla says his life was endangered. Shlok ask Niranjan why did he take the decision in a hurry. SHe says how did you come here. Outside, watchman’s trying to control the media people. They find a hut and hde in there,but Khushi brushes her bloodied hand against the wall. She says that he rescued her from goons and gave shelter for her and taken care of her. Wt hpnd to raghav and kalpi. Tell her that there is something important so I had to leave. The arti starts at Dewan house.


Foto khusi dan arnav romantis

I will tell you his name. Sections of this page. Like 0 Dislike 0. Outside theGundas have yet to find out where they are. ASR approaches khuhshi, Khushi walks back against the wall and ASRbrushes her hair epiaode her face,she tries to move away but he blocks her with both his hands, she looksat him and he draws closer to her.

indi and iss pyaar ko: episode touch me with your love (vm)

Gundas find an bangle of Khushi’son the floor and follow the direction. The other ways she flouts convention are subtler, for example, her refusal to wear saris all the time like Payal.

Probably this must b the ffirst show when ending the fans are very very happy. There is a certain privilege, especially amongst high-class society, that allows the women to remain at home.

SAnjay says to Suhana I ma glad that Kamla did the pooja at our place. Khushi complies, gladly sitting across from her husband before launching into a complaint about her hectic morning.


Kamla says to Aryan I have to go back take care for suhana. ASR wants tio go and come back but Khushi doesn’t let him, he tells herto close her eyes and count to 10 and he will be back before then,she does and he looks at her. No one came for her. Kamla comes in and says we need you tai.

Jyothi says that Siddarth is the one who is responsible for her well being. Suhana is doing the arti. Posted by Y SriMani at 6: Its the morning and Khushi finally regains consciousness and recallswhat happened the night before and wakes up startled andcalls for ASR but he doesnt come, she goes out and looks for him butcant find him anywhere.

She explains what she did all day – the shopping, the cooking, the deliveries – to which Anjali asks why Khushi needs to work. Astha asks whether Siddarth is fine or not?? If Shyam is serious about starting anew, then his first responsibility is taking care of Di.