Are you really in Australia or?.. But the Original DVD sucks They even had Ranka sing Ai Okoete Imasuka in a few times. Shakugan No Shana S3 is on its way too. Wow, lot of them and surely many others. Do the one you’re most obsessed with Got really tired of the fillers. She’s an otaku Sorry for the late reply.

I wish Bleach can hurry up and show us how the Arrancar King gets his ass kicked. Shakugan No Shana S3 is on its way too. I wan to cry!!!!! Kaizoku Fansub has the best translation and quality, so I’ve been following them from the start. Anyone here watching Ergo Proxy? Do you have anime to recommend too?

My buddy knows it more than I do.

Does anyone know where I can watch Full Metal Panic Fumoffu English Dubbed: Episodes 13+?

Gintoki fought like a true warrior. Shonan 14 Days Hajime no Ippo Kenichi: I go and download via torrent. So long ago, but its good! For Naruto, no comment ‘cos I was warned not to watch it. Kara no Kyoukai Tsukihime Reason: Anime outing become steak outing u back from HK yet?? We’ll just park our bikes monogtaari a prominent location and hope it becomes a big hoo ha. These 3 anime I will never abandoned it!


Too much fighting my brain will go into “violent” mode LOL iisekai can Google the Bleach episodes and get an idea where you’ve stopped. After this you use the glazing tool to apply new glazing and smooth it out and let it dry. But when the arc episode comes I could not get much solid info abt the new series, anyone can share? I also love anime.

I think Berserk’s more than a few years ago, so it’s ok if you haven’t heard of it before or totally forgotten about it. I don’t like the violent ones such as Fist of the North Star, so he also knows that.

Why 22 you glad that it ended? The good part is the animation and voice efect are good, able to enable you engross yrself along the story. Are you really in Australia or?. One piece samurai X yuyu hakushi hunter x hunter naruto and bleach.

I loved the 1st series very much with the 7 deadly sins. How do you replace power window motors?


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I monotatari there is only one Gundam song entitled Destiny http: How to replace windows home to windows pro? But no time to continue. Shounen Omyouji is Great. Lovely Complex completed and i gave “Awesome” rating. How to replace a astro window regulator? Come join us for events like this And he uses a spear, not a Katana right?

Currently only chasing this anime: Nonetheless, I’ll try to complete the series. They’re only supporting characters and not the main characters. Been too busy to watch any anime though. I see why it’s popular.