Don’t read on if you haven’t seen episode three. Neil explains that he slept in Simon’s car and, on the dual carriageway during the journey home, reveals that he spent the night in the car with the punk girl performing extensive mutual masturbation , which explains why the seats are wet. Mr Gilbert refuses to swap the placements due to his hostile attitude and active dislike of Will. Will continues to believe Charlotte is his girlfriend even after the incident and, whilst watching the school’s charity Blind Date show, tells the socially inept Big John about their relationship. The boys soon receive a brief respite from their bad day when Donovan turns up looking for Charlotte, with the prospect of Patrice getting beaten up by the psychopathic school bully being a happy one for both Will and Simon, who also disliked him. It is cut short when Simon is attacked by much younger pupil Danny Moore, whom Simon had accidentally bumped into the previous day; Danny pushes Simon to the floor and kicks him in the groin before being escorted away by bouncers. Their attempt to set Will up with her friend Kerry Simon:

During the journey home, with a hungover Jay vomiting profusely, Simon receives a text from Tara, telling him to never contact her again. That Friday, Will joins Charlotte at her house to have sex, but his lack of experience is made evident the more it goes on, and Charlotte eventually abandons the idea and requests he leave. Loading comments… Trouble loading? Tara angrily reveals to Will that Kerry’s father died the previous month, which Will insists is awful but not relevant to the situation. October Learn how and when to remove this template message. Charlotte, who is now a university student, turns up at the event, put down as a special guest model, and at the last minute asks Will to assist her after her original show companion passed out whilst drunk. Will’s revision efforts continue to go horribly wrong, with him failing to understand anything he reads no matter how many times he reads it, and starting to get confused over what certain words mean. When they later mock Will’s potential with women, Will pretends that Charlotte is his girlfriend, telling lies about how he had sex with her multiple times among other things, and reveals he will be meeting her that night at the unders disco.

One LiveLeak user wrote: Will is forced into collecting the funds for the event by Mr Gilbert, despite seeing it as merely a popularity contest, a belief he expresses openly to guests of the event, which angers Alistair and triggers a rivalry between the two. Simon attempts to blame Kevin, accusing him of fondling them, whilst Will claims that they are alcoholics who need love and support – only to be greeted with mocking laughter from the adults.

Will, Simon, Jay, and Neil have found themselves at a party, albeit one that turns out to be boring and full of people that are fairly similar to them in terms of social status.

Inbetweeers, with the party over, the boys reflect on their past term whilst relaxing on a trampoline in the school gymwith Simon and Neil both praising Will’s work on the prom itself, and Will overjoyed to know that Charlotte never dated him as part of a bet.

He insults whoever has pushed in, denouncing them as ” arseholes epissode, before sitting down next to them to see they are from the “Happy Foundation”, a charity for people with Down syndrome.

Motorbike showoff accidentally recreates The Inbetweeners with terrible riding skills

Upon arrival at the club, Simon is refused entry due to wearing trainers. All the boys face their upcoming exams as the first year of sixth form is coming to an end. During the first revision session, Carli tells Simon that she and Tom have split upand she soon kisses him in gratitude during their next revision session, whilst also promising to join Simon and the rest of the gang at a nearby pub for an end-of-term celebratory drink.


Will uses this opportunity to take Lauren out on a boat that he hired for the afternoon, but before she arrives briefly goes out with Jay, Neil, and Simon when they pass by and encourage him to do so despite his initial refusal. In an attempt to woo Tara, an attractive girl in the year below, Simon agrees to go with her to see a rock band called Failsafe at a gig, during which he will bring cannabis after Jay claimed to smoke it on a regular basis with an older friend of his.

It is raising money for a new dialysis machine for the local hospital, as recent kidney failure patient Alistair Scott returns to the school. Topics The Inbetweeners TV and radio blog. They engage in heavy pettingbut the experience is short-lived as Charlotte’s psychopathic ex -boyfriend Mark Donovan shows up, forced to leave when Charlotte insists their relationship is over for good. They then purchase a bumper sticker which says I love blowjobs and secretly plant it on the back of Simon’s Fiat Cinquecento.

Neil urinates into a drink can and cuts his glans penis on it. Though Will strongly dislikes it, he accepts it gratefully to avoid upsetting her and promises to wear it that night. Views Read Edit View history. The boys head to Neil’s house and begin drinking; soon after, Neil’s father Kevin arrives back earlier than expected with a carpenter.

Jay then appears and tells the boys he has just received a blowjob in the DJ booth, but then admits it was only a ” handjob outside of the trousers”. Mr Gilbert approaches Will over the matter, believing he would know who the culprits are, but when convinced that Will would report if he did, gives him a few days to find out and threatens to mess up his Unbetweeners application if he fails to do so.

The night does not get much better as at his dinner party, the only attendees are the five boys. I only mention this because Simon suffers an unfortunate first meeting with the parents of his girlfriend, Tara, beginning when he says “crap” “Mum and dad don’t like swearing Simon” and ending when they spot the “Honk if you want a blow job” bumper sticker attached by Jay to the back of his car.

Meanwhile, Simon and Jay end up motorike by their respective girls: A drunken Will mocks Kevin’s shocked reactions at their behaviour, referencing Kevin’s alleged closeted homosexuality – resulting in him, Simon, and Jay being thrown out whilst Neil is kept behind to be punished.

Trying to impress the trio that evening, the underage Will attempts to illegally buy alcoholthough the boys soon realise they are at The Black Bull minutes after he finally succeeds in getting them all cider with the help of another punter. Perhaps we should save that discussion for a later date. She then suggests they meet up again to have sex themselves, which Will later brags to his friends over, only to be told by Simon that Charlotte is obviously just using him to spite Mark following their relationship issues, causing Will to insult Simon and storm off.

They vandalise a front garden which Jay and Neil had previously vandalised earlier that day, which even Will soon enjoys, but run away when the house owner spots them and threatens to call the police. Simon is about to take his driving testbut does not feel confident that he will pass first time. This article needs additional citations for verification. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The next day Simon and his new girlfriend arrange a double date with Will and with Tara’s friend Kerry, whom Tara continues to try to set Will up with. Will decides the boys need to develop good social reputation, suggesting one option is to go clubbing in central London to reinvent themselves.

A Night Out in London”. When tagging along with Simon, Will meets Simon’s friends Jay Cartwright and Neil Sutherland, and decides to join them at the student gathering organised for later at the local pub, The Black Horse.


It is cut short when Simon is attacked by much younger pupil Danny Moore, whom Simon had accidentally bumped into the previous day; Danny pushes Simon to the floor and kicks him in the groin before being escorted away by bouncers.

When Will later tries to discuss the prom itinerary with the rest of the students, he is approached by school bully Mark Donovan, who threatens violence against him if he goes near Charlotte during the prom. Simon’s parents tell epiode that the family are moving to Swansea in a couple of weeks due to Alan’s company making many employees redundantleaving Simon distraught as he will have no friends and will no longer see Carli again, whilst Neil is upset following concerns that he may have impregnated an older colleague.

Will soon finds Charlotte upstairs, left in shock when he discovers Patrice is having sex with her, and so leaves angrily.

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Is crap a swear word? He loses his temper as a result and begins slapping his penis manically, scaring Tara who rushes to Sophie for help. When Will and Charlotte meet up at her house to have sex later that week, his inexperience becomes evident, and he admits he epusode lying the entire time and is still a virgin.

During the journey home, with a hungover Jay vomiting profusely, Simon receives a text from Tara, telling him to never contact her again. Though Will plans to arrange a camping trip before they go their separate ways, Simon plans to use the time to try and confess his love for Carli instead. This blog is for those who are watching season three of The Inbetweeners on E4. He is later persuaded to go after Neil says that he has a car and will happily mtorbike the group down to the capital, as well as Carli telling him that she and her friend Rachel will also be going down to London on the same night.

Jay uses Simon’s car lights so they can see properly in the dark, but forgets to apply the handbrake after turning it, so the car rolls into the motorbile. Mr Gilbert soon arrives and hands out the confirmation of each students’ work experience placements – Jay has set him and Simon up at his father’s plant hirewhilst Will’s request to be placed at a local newspaper is mixed up with Neil’s request inetweeners work in a car garage.

The next morning, they are all hungover, Simon over an hour late to his golf tournament, as the man whose front garden they previously vandalised tries to get into their house to apprehend them. He tells his friends what happened and begins getting drunk on lager to forget his awful day. At the party, Simon attempts to impress Carli, arranging a plan with Jay to stop the music so motoribke can confess his love, but when the moment comes — with all eyes at the party on him and her — he chickens out.

Simon ends up modelling at the inbetweemers of Carli, and although Jay makes persistent efforts to get himself noticed, he is not selected to be a model, much to his frustration. Will later finds out it inbetaeeners Jay and Neil, but decides not to report inbetweenesr in the end, though it is left unknown what happens to his UCAS as a result. Inberweeners the journey — which includes following a car full of girls and entering a funeral procession — the boys finally arrive, only for the front door of the car to be ripped off when Jay carelessly opens it as Simon is reversing beside a sign to park.