This system supports scanning all film sizes from 35mm, including all formats from 6×4. I’ve been getting my film scanned with a lab, and finally decided I would start scanning since its costing me a fortune to get it done at the lab. For older Imacons you need SCSI or anther adapter whose name I can’t remember – I think I have one at work and will see what it is if nobody else names it. Depending on the film size as set by the user in the software driver in relation to the holder used, the lens assembly is positioned precisely and appropriately between the drum and the CCD array above. Sorry, I though u had a new mac pro. My recollection is that I never used it, because I happened to have an old Mac with SCSI port — gave away the old computer with the scanner when I sold it. Call of the Wild.

Keep up with the latest in Photography Join for access to over in depth articles, hundreds of hours of video tutorials and access to the largest Photography forum. The question for any of these used items is their longevity as breakdowns would be costly and probably cost prohibitive to repair. This is a very high-end scanner that ever made and totally worth it! Three young Constantua women in their finest apparel. Or should I just buy an older Mac that works with scsi? Thank You SO much!!!

Have you run a search of the site- IIRC there’s quite a lot of material on here and it might be better than waiting for a new precisino

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Thanks for your advice. Nikon Photo, Slide and Film Scanner. Michael Reichmann is the founder of the Luminous Landscape.

This is my first scanner. Would be nice to not have to buy another computer. Has anyone used the scsi to usb2. This can clearly be seen in the shadow area on the lower right. January 01, By Josh Reichmann.


When I had one I used Hbd software, but it depends on how you like to scan. Then Watch These 7 Great Imacon Flextight Precision II — still worth buying today? Surprisingly, the viable choices in medium format were few. Or is that downloadable from Hasselblad?

Some expensive drum scans from scanne labs had shown me what could be done. Additional Product Features Media Type. After Sierra, pretty much all video cards will work! I viewed those from RayKo, a SF rental lab that posted videos for their customers who wanted to rent time on their Imacons. As someone who only scans film, I’ve had lousy experience even with the best flatbeds.

July — This review has not been updated since in first appeared in late Stay up to date! That the Imacon FlexTight scanner is different is evident at a glance. Sierra is much more versatile in regards to hardware preciskon.

I think I can find my old Ratoc converter at work. Just something to be aware of.

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Then you have to start all over again. This is a very large blow-up. It was a pain in the neck to get the negatives scqnner, and on the correct focal plane. From the file of the James Chen collection. At the same time, I’d eventually like to go through my entire archive of 6×6 and 35mm negatives, which probably includes a couple thousand usable photos that it would also be nice to have as digital images.

Imacon Flextight Precision II Photo, Slide & Film Scanner

Create new account Request new password. It uses flextught same flexible film holders that curve the film in a arc so that the light source and CCDs always scan the film at the exact same focus point, providing absolute film flatness.


Latest Trending Photos Videos. This is due to its gamma of 3. Photo, Slide and Film Scanners. Are Your Prints Too Dark?

Imacon Flextight Precision II — still worth buying today?

Just looking very quickly at the available material, the scanner does work with Vista via the latest software which is aparently available as a download. Do you think it will work on Imaconn Originally Posted by 2WK. The FlexTight design advantage also includes a small “light table” that makes loading film images into the patented holders a simple, rapid action with immediate umacon assurance of precise image alignment.

It is grasped magnetically by the scanner for transport around the drum and past the “scan window” illuminated from below. That said, for 6×6 and coffee table books, you won’t notice much of any flextigjt.

The are only a few high-end flatbeds worth considering. The high-end professional competence of the FlexTight Precision indicated by Imacon’s high-performance specifications were well born out in the image files I made with the scanner.

Using the landscape window fleztight the 35mm film holder of the FlexTight, I made scans of most of these images which were scnaner satisfactory in replicating the values visible in the slides.

These images were made in Asia and the Middle East years ago, and many were film-pack negatives which had obviously been tray processed. Some folks want to do a kind of post-processing when they scan. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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