Care to share why? I also love that he admits its not completely fair that suddenly he’s her boss after her 8 years of working their but at the same time sincerely thanks her and tells her to “dream big. I think the flashback were great in establishing why she is still yearning for that relationship–but now that Sung-hyun is making her heart beat, I’m hoping they cut back on the extended–beginning to feel interminable–flashbacks. Nodame July 20, at 7: Jeong Min comforts her. How to resolve that problem? The more episodes that go by the more I want In young to be with Sung hyun. This argument continues to escalate until Suk Hyun pokes her forehead asking how dare she call him cowardly and dishonest?

Just saying, the joke about the movie “In the Mood for Love” was spot. But I believe because we both realize it the “having” of the double-standard is not as problematic. As one of my commenters homespunthings pointed out last week, Ji Hoon is almost too perfect. Thank you, I hope it will help! They handled the topics in such a mature way that it peaked my curiosity to continue watching the other episodes. Maybe parents made him promise to keep his distance because of this.

But GF’s explanation made me realize why. Drama Fever streams videos only to computers located in the States or in Canada. Just saying, the joke about the movie “In the Mood for Love” was spot. Sung-hyun quits after a year of working with her, and finally gets the courage to act on his puppy crush. Maybe parents made him promise to keep his distance because of this.

It took a big risk, doing what is the opposite of most kdramas — that is, not having a fairy tale, happily-ever-after-with-the-handsome-prince kind of ending.

Yeol Mae comes back to the present and tells Ji Hoon episde wants to believe that he likes her.

I didn’t understand that slap. Let me talk about the men. I am loving this show. Was a football player in America. Sign upWhy?

Posted by Amanda at 9: She’s playing tennis with him? And this drama is a very good representation of that: Love had found me again. I have mixed emotions about the ending. I think from ep 12, something like that gonna happen, but I believe he loves her, and for the guy i see he is, he wants to get her to be his woman, not just for fun or else, and, but he just does it his way What a breath of fresh air—a youthful and contemporary rom-com featuring romantic relationships approximating the ones we have in the real world.


Yeol Mae tries to arouse him and he shoves her hand away. It just has more to offer.

I Need Romance: Do You Want to Rant or Rave About the Ending?

The ending was honest and she was honest to herself the entire way through. I enjoyed this drama and the zany characters in it. Ex is def still in love with her. Don’t want her with him, but there’s sympathy for her where in other dramas there’s not. But no, we understand what she sees in him, and how their love has both matured and cooled. It is a great drama. Her new relationship is just the thing to get Sung-soo riled up in a jealous fury, and he refuses to stand by anymore.


Read and leave comments Comment Policy – Stay on topic and episodd not spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Not that I’m unhappy now. I wished she had come to a conclussion where she chose to be by herself and rediscover all the good things that got lost in those ten years she wasted with Sung Soo.

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But I sure hope that the endgame isn’t Sung-soo, because unless he does some MAJOR gomance in the next couple episodes, he doesn’t deserve another chance with her. The story they tell is similar. She would have to hide from everyone she knows… her parents, friends … everyone who knew her from before.

The ending finds In Young choosing, in an honest, straightforward, and decent way as she has been all drama long between Seung Hyun, her new boyfriend, staying single for the time being, and in the end, giving her ten-year relationship with her ex-boyfriend Sung Soo another chance. Just finish both episode today haha i really enjoy this season like i did in season 1.


I’m really wondering of her married friend’s situation. Which is when Ji Hoon walks out and softly says she does have some place to go.

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Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. I am loving episofe show so far!! They had such good chemistry and were so hot together. I think the second time was related to the first time and partially because she was watching him and wasn’t able to trust him that it brought it about. The first two episodes are fast and funny.

The friendship between the girls is one of the best things of this drama. In young and Sung soo are those friends you have who have such a tumultuous drwmacrazy complicated relationship that you wonder why they are still together. I was curious about this show.

How you love a person is also different in all levels. Thanks for the tip, and I’ve been addicted since EE02 recaps. Their target is to create real romance never seen before in ground-wave. Announcements February birthdays Login Issue. Yeah, I do know what you mean about meeting up with Kang Hee knowing how sensitive IY was to her but, then, he did say that it was work-related. No jealousy yet – the second lead guy only made a very brief appearance so he’s not involved with the lead girl yet.