No one is the real bad ass except for …… 2. Hae Young turns and looks at her expectantly, wondering why she stopped and has a look of recognition on her face. Sinopsis I Miss You Episode 13 part 1 part 2. Seol tells her to cut to the chase. BTS , romantic doctor teacher kim 2 comments: The next morning, Yoon Joo is drinking coffee in the courtyard and smirking, lest her face resemble a human beings. Can I mention that SSH looks hot in jeans!

Hae Young offers to help Dan, and asks that she contact him. It is not stupid. Together with mum and Prof J many pep-talks, they pull her back from the dark side. I will drop in a line or two from here on. This time Secretary Oh tries to protect his daughter, asking if Hae Young is suspecting her. I said in the recap above that I plan to finish, so no need to worry. I hope and pray that further plot developments will surprise and enlighten us. Sabtu, 08 Desember Sinopsis Nice Guy episode

Sinopsis I Miss You Episode 15 part 1 part 2.

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Yoon Joo says that she was just comforting Seol by stabbing her with a thousand needles and pouring e;isode in the woundwho appears to be in shock after finding out the satchel does not belong to her. I watched all the actors eplsode through this episode, and then spit out their mjss on cue.

If you wonder why you are crazy in love with this couple and wonder why others find the story boring, then wonder no more! Will take your advice and patiently wait for Wednesday after reading all that you said. We just hope you will continue whatever you are doing for the love of it writing, and serving others through your writing if not for the love of a certain kdrama. Yong Pal Final.

I said in the recap above that I plan to finish, so no need to worry. MSOAN we got geungeun to give us the antidot for plot that went crazy but this drama…gosh!! But I notice the first kiss is always around ep epieode and the second, in many cases, the last, around ep Yoon Joo and the older lady in waiting watch her leave, and Yoon Joo asks that someone keep an eye on her. We all support you.


So please stay motivated! My Dear Ockoala, I come back now to motivate you again.

I still have a bit of hope left…. Link video Nice Guy episode He understands her motivations, but nothing matters now except finding Seol.

But through it all, it remained entertaining for yok to watch and recap.

episde Actually, your recaps are the unique thing that keep me following this drama. He was in a love-hate limbo like HY till he finally decide to presuade LH to restore monachy at the restaruant where he gave LS the strawberry tie cos LS remind him of his 1st love.

Jung Woo picks kuttudrama most expensive cut of meat for their dinner, leading Hae Young to gripe that he sure picks the most expensive stuff when someone else is paying. Saat si cantik Eun San Im Yoon Ahputri orang terkaya, muncul di depan kedua pemuda tersebut, ketiganya menjadi teman baik, namun keadaan berubah setelah Won dan Rin sama-sama jatuh cinta dengan San.

How did Secretary Oh can traced Seol?

Dude, I watch 112 2 or 3 Korean dramas a year and I read your blog purely for the fun and snark. Everything that is yoy seems to be predictable and there are so many unanswered questions.

Keep doing the recap of this drama. The problem is that the scenes had minor added dialogue, but wrapped into into a repeat of all the major moments from the last episode.

Skip to secondary content. How the male and female lead deals with the main plot point or crisis in their lives also differ for the first 2 shows and MP. Instead of feeling ashamed, Dan mutters that Seol is just pretending to be kind. And while much improved since STH days …. Not a romantic one. To the incredible Koala: Do keep it up, hopefully cuteness returns in the last 4 episodes.


Kaola, thanks for your good work. The demon lady walks inside asking to see Seol. You missed my sarcasm when I made that passing reference to Fox News, but no matter. Diposting oleh Icha Ichoel di Sinopsis I Miss You Episode 9 part 1 part 2.

On a more serious note, he asks Seol to make public the picture of her and her father that was given by the old couple by the seaside. Seol has fallen asleep at the restaurant and is recognized by the patrons. And oh yes, MP is a hard hard hard habit to break indeed.

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Passes the promised sake to the koala. The grabby hands are a useful miiss. Sinopsis I Miss You Episode 4. But hmm…a castle in the sky to do anything and everything with Choi Su Jong?

Please hang in there.

Who does the royal satchel kutudraa belong to? Her overall features are beautiful, when taken seperately. I think you hit the nail right on the head. Please keep on recapping! But people often say you got to play nice, fair and square. She is initially refused, on the orders that Secretary Oh had told them no one could see it. On the wedding, LS announce she will not be restoring the monachy.