The WilrelessHD feature can certainly be handy for an outdoor theater set-up as you’ll have less gear or fewer wires exposed to the elements. Things have only gotten better with time. However, with Epson adhering to the new RF 3D glasses standards, you should be able to use other less expensive RF-based 3D glasses such as these ones made by Samsung with this projector to good effect. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Check out our 3D glasses shootout for more information. Rated at 4, lumens, this one is definitely meant for use in a brighter viewing environment.

The UBe features a plain but intuitive on-screen display with basic and advanced settings never more than a few clicks away. The center-mounted lens accents the front of the Ube, whereas the rear plays host to a variety of input options. One of the first things you’ll notice about the UBe is its intense brightness – we’re talking light cannon. With grayscale set properly and the color adjusted by eye, the resulting image was enjoyable and largely natural. But the UBe’s representation of the black bars was black enough that if the Masquerade’s remote control was out of reach, I often didn’t bother. On it you’ll find dedicated buttons for each source input plus a few handy shortcut buttons. Continue to next page 01

You could read that as an indication that the more expensive projector is for “serious home theater,” rather than a “movie machine you wheel out on weekends. The projector offers a couple of step-ups from thebeginning with a much higher contrast ratio.

Epson Projectors: Epson PowerLite Home Cinema UB 3 LCD projector

The Epson includes two pairs of RF active shutter glasses in the box. Read about the high points and low points of the Epson UBe on Page 2. As for the UBe’s wireless functionality, it is a bit hit or miss. When it comes to high performance, high value home theater projectors, Epson has a proven track record that’s tough to beat.

One of our readers commented that the looked like a BMW with its “kidney grilles”, and the makes the comparisons more obvious, with its black fins evoking dinema front grill of something like a BMW M3.

The center-mounted lens accents the front of the Ube, whereas the rear plays host to a variety of input options. Those with ambient light concerns but who are using smaller screens should definitely take note. Motion was smooth and artifacts were minimal, if present at all. The product has cinemx slightly higher throw ratio than the step-down model, from between 1. Check the ISF web site for a calibrator near you. Epson has two versions of this projector on the market: The leaks a lot of light out to the side while the leaks almost none — great if it’s sitting next to you as it’s less distracting, not to mention the better fidelity in a dark room.


The Bad Black levels not quite 520ub deep as homd competitors; auto iris required for peak performance; iris still makes some noise; WirelessHD option UBe not as good a value.

Home Movies Technology Blu-ray Disc. JVC’s D-ILA projectors are probably the only ones that come to mind, but you’ll need revew spend some extra money to get there and don’t expect one of those to match the brightness levels of the Epson. But the UBe’s representation of the black bars was black enough that if the Masquerade’s remote control was out of reach, I often 5200ub bother.

Contrast was good, better than previous Epson offerings, as were black- and white-level detail. We hope you enjoy our Best of list. Using by-eye filters and familiar test patterns resulted in a far more lifelike image, despite having geview the high-tech tools at my disposal for a proper calibration. The higher values did add some noise, so I left it on “2” for most of my time and was pleased with the slight improvement it lent to DVD and Netflix SD viewing.

What did you think? Just remember that with the exception of anything related to WirelessHD, all comments apply equally to both models.

The image quality of the is characterized by excellent color, prodigious light output, and very good black levels. Things have only gotten better with hlme.

This does not mean it comes calibrated out of the box.

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 5020UB Projector Reviews

With its deep black levels, accurate colors, dependable grayscale tracking, and intense light output, the UB has it where it counts in every department. Speaking of calibration, despite having the requisite controls to perform a full THX-level calibrationthe controls themselves don’t really work, or at least work as needed to achieve a proper natural-looking image.


Epson claims a lamp life of 4, hours when using the UBe in “Normal” mode. Sounds great but lacks vision.

You’ll also notice the overall brightness change – a mildly irritating effect which may lead some viewers to disable the auto iris entirely. Great picture, value goes beyond the dark By Ty Pendlebury March 7, With the ‘s spectacular light output, it should 5020uh no trouble filling very large screens with a punchy image. All ratings out of four stars Privacy Statement Online Shopping. Like many display devices these days, the UB features a frame interpolation mode designed to smooth out and improve reciew clarity of fast-moving images.

Then again, like everything else pertaining to 3D, preferred image brightness is highly subjective and your mileage may 5020uh. Back to the UBe, it is a good-looking projector, clad in Epson white and accented in matte black.

Epson Home Cinema UBe 3D LCD Projector Reviewed

If you’re in the market for a 3D-capable LCD projector, you’ll want to read on. As with any front projector of this caliber read “price”I always recommend a professional calibration. Just as you can always cut your hair shorter but not longer during a haircut, you can always change the color mode and dial 5020ib back if you smell your retinas burning.

Great sound, but it’s trapped in Apple’s world. View all articles by Greg Robinson. Since the UBe is a 3D projector and Epson is one of the few more forward-thinking companies out there today, the projector comes with two pairs of active RF 3D glasses. Despite the small difference in the two projectors lumens specs reviw, vs. 5020ug last model of theirs I reviewed was the impressive UB – a machine I was loath to hand over to the UPS man when it was time to say goodbye.