There is a camera! Cyrus 21 , salman , Salbazier and 2 others like this. In another word, Kamen rider like. Also, those are werewolf soldiers running in the background and i just love the idea of the wolf corps now, why the hell couldn’t they show them killing EAGLE squad 3!? Sadly, it isn’t as he was just thinking out loud, but that doesn’t matter because two of the regular clients of the restaurant forgot to mention in the other two episodes, but aside from the Gorangers, there are three women and one kid that tend to be there as well enter, sit down, and deliver a paper to the chef while Daita is distracted: Oh and the episode ends with the Gorangers driving into the distance while the narrator says that there will be further battles for them. Part 16 of episode 7: Because it’s the first Super Sentai show, which has lasted for more than 40 years and also led to the creation of Power Rangers, which has been going on for a while.

Though Crescent Moon Mask’s happy mood is quickly broken: And Akaranger demands to know where the kid is, and it turns out that Taro is: Into a building full of people standing in a line that is being watched by Zolders, Peggy tries to ask who these people are but she is told to be quiet and just keep walking: After putting the device on the missile, they lower it underground: Let me just point out that the blue flag in the vehicle has a black cross because of course it does. Daita, Snack Gon has a non-secret door that leads to several elevators to the Goranger’s room, your team’s secret base, there is no freaking way the chief doesn’t know about at least the first elevator, your secret base is behind his restaurant! Anyways, let’s continue with episode 1!

And actually testing the Sand Beam on one of them: And Bronze Mask is dead for good! And now for part 3 of the first episode: SalbazierApr 19, And all five jump next to each other and do this: Kenji Asuka, the first Green Ranger Midoranger that only survived because he subhed the furthest away from the action and the enemies didn’t even notice he existed.

And before you ask, no, i don’t know what they mean when they say they were transformed by scientists, i thought they were just putting suits that gave them powers, also, if EAGLE had the technology to give people powers before Also not sure why the chief is pretending to be a normal guy either. Could it possibly be This goes on for a few seconds until Akaranger remembers one thing, he has his trusty Red Bute, so he does another jump and sidesteps Crescent Moon Mask as he is about to get run over and grabs him by the arm: Anyways, the group then head to Bronze Mask the guy that killed Daita’s military branch who was watching sentqi from far away.


And despite the goofy look of Steel Ring Mask, episode 6 does feature shadowy transactions, Steel Ring Mask going into a secret base and stealing a microfilm, boat chase scenes, scenes set in a cruiser, Black Cross Army showing their might and mobile underground turret towers and killing many EAGLE soldiers, and the Gorangers having a new roll call, you can kinda see why they chose this episode to become the first movie.

Oh wait, it looks a bit more at Rika and it seems like we will finally get a look at this new Mask, i just hope it isn’t something goofy like Jade Mask or Steel Ring Mask, not that i hated those villains, but their designs didn’t exactly scream “Members of the most terrifying villain organization ever” to me.

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Needless to say, four against one isn’t fair and he is getting his ass kicked, until Ao tries to use his Blue Cherry on him and: Why was this added to the finisher, it’s like the third time this happens and it still makes no sense! And after being pushed into the line she has this thought: Still, nice to know the wolf corps are getting some training and it isn’t just Crescent Moon Mask making some werewolves, joining them together and then making them fight.

Who could be on them!? Their special vehicle reserved for special situations is to rescue or support people and the Gorangers, but not to attack, not saying it’s a bad thing, as i think it’s cool personally, but just not what i would have expected considering most of the franchise.

But who gorangrr about that, we have to go to Hokkaido and look at soldiers riding on horses and just training, surely, unlike the other three branches, no enemy will appear out of nowhere to kill everyone, there is no way that can: Keep eating the curry and asking questions? But never say that Crescent Moon Mask isn’t an optimist: And apparently giving orders to the other mooks in the base, thankfully since they have their backs turned to them, Tsuyoshi and Daita easily pass through them: Who is very happy at the sucess of their plan to attack five military bases by suprise and destroy them, showing their power to the world and talks about this as a prelude to their conquest of the world.


They very quickly catch up to him, with Akaranger apparently taking his Red Bute out in mid-air.

And he immediately explodes, damn, Akaranger must have really strong legs! Because that is technically correct, he is practicing archery on them, not his fault they aren’t tough enough to survive. But Peggy unfortunately can’t even talk with Mr.

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Not that it matters because the team is nice enough to tell him with a roll call: Oh, and the bus is full of children, you’d think that a gunpowder factory invasion and a school bus of kidnapped children would get some attention from authorities that aren’t just super heroes Akaranger orders this guy to let Rika go So Crescent Moon Mask gets another idea instead: So what follows is the Wolf Corps being so easily defeated with tranquilizer darts you even wonder why Crescent Moon Mask even bothered to create and train these guys: Didn’t really catch it in a screenshot but while both are in the bike, Akaranger is doing karate chops to Crescent Moon Mask’s neck but he just ignores it until Akaranger does something he can’t ignore!

He even has a Crescent Moon staff and everything! We cut back to the Gorangers subbd their secret base looking at the detonation device: Crescent Moon Mask says to hell with that, and uses an energy beam to transform Shiraishi goarnger a werewolf again!

Well, she is the one with explosive earrings so i guess that checks out.