Great cast chemistry right there! Haruka is having some problems with herself and needs to find herself. We also learn of Takeru’s past that he was a brat and all but one day grew up to be a great leader. It was satisfying to see Kiros die as a result of his greed. It also provides Takeru with a clue that Mio is still alive. An Akira episode… and a Momoko episode! To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The plot involves a bloodsucking leech that could kill the child.

Episode is all about Galaxy Robo. Kiros thought during the episode that he had controlled both Haruka and Momoko. The chemistry between the current and younger Takeru is quite good and the advice he leaves him seems to resonate with his future self. Too bad no other season in Sentai ever repeated such a silly plot. Perhaps he witnessed him in real life? Notify me of new comments via email.

Guest stars Machiko Soga. Episode 18 goes back to Haruka’s childhood. A very good episode with a rather surprising twist leading into another episode with another twist. The Mystery of Zeba! It’s another development for the Igam family where Igam’s rivalry with Baraba is also further examined.

Takeru wants to end his rivalry with Igam, Igam still insists on fighting. Momoko teaches kids the value of martial arts and a fair fight. These guys just really know how to live! Igam by manipulating twin girls I guess spisode because she hates the fact she has to fight hers into becoming weapons of destruction. I felt sorry for Girai Dobler on how the spirit of Lethal Dobler possessed him.


Watching Summary – Hikari Sentai Maskman Episode 14: The Great Escape to the Blue Sky

Fumin in trying to get the Shinobi’s prized possession to acquire greater power. In this one, the Maskmen are introduced to their new weapon the Jet Cannon.

Kiros’ lust for Ial. You could also try to focus on other major anniversaries for your favorite shows before ends. Baraba and Oyobur are stealing electricity so they can easily conquer the surface world.

We discover that Zeba has been kidnapping people as infants, raising them as slaves of the underground. Episode 8 I like this episode where Momoko and Akira mature in that show.

Episode Writers’ Analysis Part 2: Hikari Sentai Maskman

In this episode, Akira enters a tournament, which unknown to him, is swntai by the Tube. For one, most of Soda’s finales are usually intense but he also has a habit of writing bittersweet ones. Another Akira focus episode though Haruka and Momoko get some decent screen time too! An everyman in the role really makes the situation stand-out, especially had it just been his fellow teammates. Nice post about your top Maskman episodes. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

A 3-parter arc, focusing on Akira becoming the Underground Knight Unas. Kiros’ lack of sense of honor makes him a truly dangerous foe. Considering Kiros, why do you feel a bit sorry for the guy?


I would admit that she was my first Tokusatsu crush. Soda goes back all the way back to episode 14 to bring up Akira’s development. I just thought that it shows Kiros can be episodr heartless as he attempted to murder Haruka and Momoko for fooling in.

Apparently, Fuji kinda loves tragic episodes. Episode 18 The doll episode had a lot of nightmare fuel. Rather shockingly, there is a nude scene with Ial during a flashback, with her privates being covered only by a plant.

But she lets another little girl who wants it, have it. But just take your time so you might be able to express yourself better since the anniversaries of the other shows are past due. Just for starters — Super Sentai series are usually independent or self-contained from each other or there are many universes for Super Sentai. Episode 8 An Akira episode… and a Momoko episode!

It was funny to see how the ending turned out. The Dear Bloodsucking Doll! I could relate to that episode after someone I picked on ended up picking on me at the end of the day. More importantly, it was drafting his writing style.