But, as much as we want to see KWB in a leading role in the next drama I don’t think we want to have Heirs 2 at all, do we? I suppose the realization that he lived wrongly is better late than never. Ji Hyun Woo on Yo…. The site has a lot of Asian dramas old and new and they are English subbed already and the best part is that it is free. I have to admit I get a little bit confused when I watch it and I can’t simply “turn my brain off”, I find myself pausing, rewinding and asking myself questions as well. And so he cries. In a drama set in High School for no sensible reason, where a teenage relationship is treated like the end all and be all seriously folks — you have the rest of high school, college, young adulthood to find the one and the worst written teenage female character, since Bella in Twilight our female lead cries in every scene and wraps her life around some teenage boy, she recently met. Pretty Boy Episode Compressed S

But i think i could a little understand. So much love for Bona and Eunsang. That she is limited in many ways? As always, love your insight. A fish dying in pain? We are living in the 21st century for goodness sake, and women on screen should be allowed to enjoy being kissed and cut out that innocence crap! You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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Blog Design by Gisele Jaquenod. This is filial duty gone wrong. And roll my eyes whenever ES cries and KT pouts. Tan sits up with a start as he watches every last picture and message disappear from the account before his very eyes.

Maybe she needs some veterans: Why she doesnt call cy? Did you experience the fact that you thought one expression meant one thing, and it actually turned out to be different than what you thought?

Following that logic, it would make sense that MS would know about “yellow journalism.

In earlier episodes, I thought it was cute the way he lurked on her facebook thingie. I found it to be a really intimate scene even though they had clothes on. YD sees this too and it upsets him, but to her face, he keeps joking around. At school, R gives her report about The Great Gatsby. She is not even a housewife yet, yet she is being commanded and pushed around by teenage boys.


I’d like to see that!!! Also, his advice to memorize the numbers of him and KT, his premonition u could say that she’s not looking like she’s gonna meet someone but going to lose someone the convienient store, his following her when she was window shopping, and not even flinching when KT back-hugged her and both were acting cutely with each other – ALL of this mean, that he knows that something is up and he’ll probably help our KT to get back with our Cindrella This whole blog is about going deeper into K-dramas.

Won staggers out with shoulders drooping in defeat despite having won his seat, because he was basically outmaneuvered by a father who was teaching him a lesson.

Zfih November 28, at 8: But we all know ES is saying goodbye one by one. Most older adults that I’ve come across consider this show cheesy and unrealistic.

Tan could feel it throughout the whole episode- Eun Sang drawing away from him, her hesitation, her fear, and her concern. Because who knows, it may be the last chance to give Eun Sang a makeover. But thanks to the ending scene, my heart bled more for Tan. ES gets epiwode message from Tan asking where she is. I would guess that it might be something like he is able to observe without being seen, since ghosts supposedly can be invisible etc.

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When exactly did they hook up? And Won is powerless to say anything back. She looks in pain because she is losing the love of her life CY tell his dad: Asue December 2, at 4: Perhaps I also went to all the wrong ones: Chairman Kim shows ES two airplane tickets. epiisode


I will use my everything to protect her. August December 5, at 9: But the only ending that would satisfy me is if she teams up with the Wife and ES’s mum to take down tans evil father She did feed him jook in the room when he pretented to be sick.

If you do that, I will really go crazy. Dad asks if Tan is threatening him. Although the mom and son relationship was never restored, atleast we were able to see that the couple continued to stay strong and built their own family. I remember watching “Winter Sonata” not so long ago – arguably the classic drama to have started Hallyu the Korean Wave – and I too thought that the leads looked great together, they always brought in that suspense into the whole drama So Won is not going to get fired.


The passing of time in this drama is so random and everything seems like they happened within days, instead of the supposed two seasons had passed. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

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I read an interview where he said that due to his modeling background he is very anal about the way he is styled. It’s not true of all siblings that they’d eat your liver. YD kinda took over that dramacrazt. Adal December 9, at 9: They will give me dramacfazy when I miss you.

ES says YD is a bad guy and also a good guy. Seriously, though, it might have been a bit on point to have her read that particular book, but it was a beautiful passage.