Nikhil is characterized as a person who believes that once you are committed to a girl, there should be no straying. The scene with pappa on the balcony.. Yo whoever run this shit add more movies like this and Thanks for making Free. Join the discussion contains spoiler. Definetly watch if u r into rom-coms: It was one of my first indian movies a few years ago.

Henry Van Cleve presents himself at the gates of Hell only to find he is closely vetted on his qualifications for entry. Comedy Romantic Comedy Movies. Amazon Prime Comedy Movies. Now, just a week before Nikhil and Karishma’s wedding, Meeta has turned up to meet her father, but Karishma is scared that her sister’s sudden appearance might ruin their wedding. All characters have been penned well except for the one who is the brother of the girl’s father. Meeta is unable to gather the courage to steal her father’s money and tells her father the truth. Nikhil Sidharth Malhotra is a struggling businessman, who thinks he loves Karishma Adah Sharma , an actress. The Queen of the Night enlists a handsome prince named Tamino to rescue her beautiful kidnapped daughter, Princess Pamina, in this screen adaptation of the beloved Mozart opera.

Amazon Prime Super Star Tho. Written by Reliance Entertainment. For everybody, everywhere, everydevice, and everything. Amazon Prime Movies. Amazon Prime Romantic Comedy Movies. Choose a frame of your liking for thumbnail Give it some details Super Star Comedy Movies. Romantic Comedy Movies.

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A man suspects his girlfriend of being unfaithful. Comedy Romance Hindi Movies. I love this Movie and the role of Sid is so cute the end is the best i think this is the best Hindi Movie i ever watch. So he sends her a letter, but than finds out that he was wrong. Great character development, and wonderful story line! Moviw the discussion contains spoiler.


She Smiles, She’s Snared! Vishal Noline Music director. Super Star Romance Movies. ComedyDramaFantasyRomance. Aided by the lovelorn bird hunter Papageno and a magical flute that holds the power to change the hearts of men, young Tamino embarks on a quest for true love, leading to the evil Sarastro’s temple where Pamina is held captive. All contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties.

It was one of my first indian movies a few years ago. Omg this movie was horrible!

The girl that got married at the end can get a life her acting nasi awful she ruined the whole movie but the rest of the actors did a great job. Vinil Mathew Dialogue writer. That Parineeti Chopra is so so so irritating.

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The main female character was SO irritating. During these 7 days, with many personal and social activities, Nikhil and Meeta fall in love but Nikhil backs off as he doesn’t want to betray Karishma.

Language Hindi, English, Chinese, Spanish. Oh gosh I had to laugh quite a few times.

Hasee Toh Phasee (2014)

Block Busters Comedy Movies. Siddharth was good, parineeti was ok. Pick where the clip starts Parineeti was amazing even if I still don’t know what was wrong with her.

Isabelle Adjani and Gerard Depardieu star in director Jean-Paul Rappenau’s amusing farce set on the eve of World War II, which follows the intersecting lives of four Parisians as they cope with the impending invasion of their city by German forces.

Amazon Prime Comedy Romance Movies. The love present between Nikhil and Meeta was portrayed absolutely beautiful. On the day of his engagement, Nikhil promises Karishma that he will prove himself to be worthy of her within the next seven days.


Btw can u plzzzz upload khoobsurat the new one thank u Einthusan!!! It was so damn awesome man I hope they get the second part out as well like u know warch there is krishh 1 and 2 And that sadist girl damn I loved her it was the best time of my life.

Karishma asks Nikhil to arrange before marriage, which is 7 days later, to earn a contract.

Should watch this movie if u are into those romantic comedy films!!! Spread across Mumbai over a decade, the film is about the jovie between the quirky, rebellious Meeta Parineeti Chopra and the mischievous Nikhil Sidharth Malhotra struggling with their respective families to fit in. When becoming members of the site, you could use the full range of functions and enjoy the most exciting films. It was released on 07th February Apsara Film Producers Guild Awards.

So others can find this clip. Block Busters Comedy Romance Movies. Not able to load all the movies at this website, it shows access denied. He falls in love with Meeta’s sister Karishma on the same day.

Super Star Romantic Comedy Movies. Henry Van Yoh presents himself at the gates of Hell only to find he is closely vetted on his qualifications for entry. Not a member yet? Very nice movie with great performances!