Price is also good enough to justify having the tsuka rewrapped if preferred. Hanwei Raptor Series Comparison. Barn cats are not natural skaters Feb 23, The blades are forged in high-carbon steel and specially heat treated to produce very high resilience and greater tolerance of misdirected cuts than a conventional differentially tempered blade. English Choose a language for shopping. Feb 23, 1: I’ve been looking at some options and decided on the Hanwei Raptor series, so I wanted to know your thoughts on these three swords.

Feb 23, 8: If you’re in formal training, check with Sensei and senior students. Each katana in the series features a unique blade style, each with its origins in Japanese swordmaking history, providing the cutting practitioner with choices in both aesthetics and handling characteristics. The blade will also be great, and just as tough as the Raptor. With a blade length of 30, a long kissaki and a weight of just under 3 lbs. If you wanna get your feet wet in the world of swords without spending a lot of money, I’d recommend those. I’m really not much of a social-gathering type of person, but I love to Ren-Fest so I can walk around in an outlandish costume except Halloween and not have anyone look at me funny The Nanbokucho Katana is impressively sized.

Everything – even mountains, rivers, plants and trees – should be your teacher. And while being very tough blades,in my experience the Raptor blades have the edge no pun intended. Last day off for the weekend. Choose smaller and lighter to begin with, otherwise you will tire quickly and get disappointed.


They could help with sizing and options. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Unokubi is a nice handling sword imo. Aside from it being my favorite design akin to a two handed Sansibaryou aren’t really gonna be facing heavily armored bottles or mats unless that’s your thing.

Some schools are very specific on blades Hope this helps. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. This steel structure also avoids the need for excessive thickness, allowing the blades to replicate the weight and handling hawei of Japanese originals.

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Hanwei Raptor Series Comparison

Raptor Series Construction Details: Notable for the strongly relieved shinogi-ji and diamond-shaped kissaki, the Unokubi-Zukuri provides excellent balance in a strong cutting blade. I’d like to know what really makes these swords different. The fake suede type ito on the Raptors feels ok, but doesn’t hold up well fraying, loosening to heavy usage, ime. Hanwei Raptor Series Comparison Jan 17, Hanwei Raptor Series Comparison Jan 19, 3: Don’t get me wrong For warranty information about this product, please click here Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

Blades – Forged from high-carbon steel, marquenched to an edge hardness of 57HRc. I’m a katana newb, and I know this doesn’t answer your question anyway.

Hi I have just purchased a model French cavalry sword made at chatellerault inon the top of the blade I have an S in kaatana diamond shape then a R in a circle also what looks to be a D with a star connected to the top also inside a circle, the rapfor Feb 22, 8: What is everyone’s opinion of them so far?


Hanwei Raptor Series Comparison Jan 18, 6: Well, that is completely dependent on what you are cutting. While the Wakizashi and Tanto of the Raptor series providing matching pieces for any of the Raptor katanas, they are in their own right designed as very effective cutting tools.

Got the weekend off now. I personally don’t like tsuka over 11″.

I’m located in Alabama and the flooding here right now is insane. Need to know your physical features to recommend a sword. I’ve owned them all and they are katanx swords for inexperienced cutters.

Anybody want to swap their flat-bottom boat for a couple of swords? Most all swords will do the same on flesh and clothes in my opinion.

Raptor Series Katana Details –

Once your choice is made I would discuss it with Sensei first and make sure it meets his requirements. However, I would also advise looking at other, shorter swords.

Raptor Series Construction Details: Also learn from holy books and wise people. Guards Tsuba – Traditional blackened iron, Raptor motif.

I’ve never haanwei one; can’t comment personally. Hanwei Raptor Series Comparison Jan 19,