Slide them through the hole in the cage’s top corner and shoot the padlock on the chain-link fence door on the other side of the room. Use this moment of opportunity to jump across the gap and reach the far side, then quickly turn off the gas so you and Alyx can proceed upstairs. By Matthew Rorie on October 20, at You may want to try pegging them with a crossbow bolt to kill them instantly before they have a chance to pull one out. Head inside the tunnel and go between the cars. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. You can get rid of these manhacks by pushing them into the energy beam here.

With help from his friends, including the comely Alyx Vance, Gordon infiltrated the Combine Citadel, its base of operations on Earth, and destroyed the teleportation device at its top, which seemed to start some kind of nuclear reaction. Get the pistol and the shotgun, and use the pistol to shoot the lock off the nearby gate. Around the corner from that, wait for its laser to kill the two Combine soldiers that drop down from the ceiling, then poke around to find another container near the health station. Lowlife Unlock Last Edited: After killing them all, head through the door to find a hole in the ground, then drop down to reach a little water puzzle. With that done, replace the second wave of flipmines and grab another group of citizens to bring along.

The energy balls here will hurt if they impact you, so be sure to not give them the opportunity; either jump over the low-lying ones or dodge the higher ones. Enter and immediately go left to find more shotgun shells and suit energy.

It’s closed with a padlock – use your pistol on it. The basic pattern here is to fire your rockets up through any holes in the ceiling, let it zoom up towards the sky, then pull it back towards you by moving your laser on top of a nearby piece of wood.

The next llife leads to a garage area with three antlion burrows. When you find the darkened side corridor here, head to the locked door at the end and blast the vent to crawl into the airducts. There are three pits on the ground floor, but only one car. Go further and you’ll encounter Antlions and Barnacles Uncoincidentally, there are three cars just waiting to be tossed into the pits; your goal is to find them and bat them around with your gravgun until they all get into the holes in which they belong, preferably before Alyx dies.


This time it’s open After Lowlfie opens the first EMP Field Gate, if the player zooms in on her face while standing next to her, she will nervously look away playing with her hair and then look up at the player, smiling. Use it and go back to the tunnel. Go along it until you see a locked door 86 look around for some ammo.

Before it can do so, run forward and to the right to drop down to the gated-off area nearby. Can he solve the magical mystery and return the world to a state of idyllic beauty?

Half-Life 2 : Episode One Walkthrough

Around the corner from that, wait for its laser to kill the two Combine soldiers that drop down from the ceiling, then poke around to find another container near the health station. Just enter, kill the soldiers, then return to the core reactor room and grab an energy ball. Soon, the lights will go out, so you have to find an electrical panel in order to activate the lift.

Either way, shoot it with your 12 gauge and grab the supplies on the top of the stairs. What does the One Free Bullet achievement allow?

Half-Life 2: Episode One: Lowlife

Two spawning pits blocked, one to go. When you run out of flashlight power, use flares or light zombies on fire by holding a flare with your gravity gun and walking it into them, or tossing flare and flamable canisters in order to maintain visibility. Gather all other items and destroy the supply crates. Carry on through the tunnel until you come to a crashed Combine troop train, where you are introduced to a new liffe of enemy: By Matthew Rorie on October 20, at Pile up as much rubble, barrels, explosive canisters and ammunition as you can near the lift, as you’ll have to survive a relatively massive battle against a large force comprised of zombies, fast zombies and zombines.

An intense and stressful battle, in addition I dislike survivals. Quickly run inside don’t worry about clearing out the enemies and wallthrough the elevator to the surface. Begin by heading down the turret-overwatched tunnel near the start point of this level. If you duck down behind the dumpster or the ammo box, you should be immune to the damage from its own rockets.

Half-Life 2: Episode One Walkthrough – GameSpot

Air-ducts, where Gordon can feel right at home. Just run past them before you get caught in their venomous clutches, then turn left and run up the next ramp to reach the upper level here.


Episode One Store Page. Lucky part this time for those who completed the third chapter before! Take one of the regular barrels from earlier with you for good measure, you can never have too much ammunition.

Oh crap, Poison zombies coming through the door! Go ahead, using the flashlight on the parg. In the process, they block off Antlion burrows, and battle various zombies in a pitch black environment, including zombified Combine soldiers, which were never seen during Half-Life 2.

You can either episoe your flashlight on the barnacles and have Alyx take them out for you, clearing a path; or you can trick the barnacles into capturing inanimate objects, like these handy barrels on your left, using that as a distraction to plow on parrt the hallway; or you can simply sit back, make some popcorn ,and watch zombies being eaten by barnacles.

This is obviously when things start to get tricky. Open the door with your Gravity Gun and go inside.

Look around for supplies and wait for the lights to go out. The second run-back will feature a sniper in the building, so fire a rocket up and over the garbage dumpster and guide it into his little window. When you reach the platform that appears to extend an energy walkway, you have to figure out how to activate the walkway.

Flip the switch into the off position again, then find the blue floatation device directly across from the dipping platform. Ignore the wheel-enabled doorway for now and drop down to where the white car lies, but only after readying your shotgun for the Zombine stupidly trying to trick you by laying still.

In the next room, being in fact one of the levels of an underground parking lot, there’s a hole in the ground. Instead, wait for the rush of zombies to come from the far end of the hall. You’ll find a pistol, a shotgun, some ammo and a flare inside a cage on your right-hand side. After riding the elevator here, you have to hop onto one of the three spinning blades that make up the uppermost restraining field for the core.

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