How much in expenses is Shu racking up for the government every time Inori orgasms to his touch? I have to say that apart from this current episode the whole season got a solid impression on 2 fronts: Is anyone else surprised how this show has been almost constant battle upon battle? There was a new demo released for Melty Blood: D Out of curiosity is there anyone here watching Mawaru Penguindrum? Haruka knows this mystery girl from childhood.

Maybe I am just gullible like that. I understand him and where he’s coming from, even if I don’t always agree with him. Nevermind all the training. I have to say that apart from this current episode the whole season got a solid impression on 2 fronts: Quite a few parallels with CG and that makes me one happy Sith Lord. Even my potential co-workers And this road – has reached its end. I heard they were releasing a new version or something.

A bit of a stretch but whatever I will roll with it, we didn’t really get much in the way of plot it seemed in this episode anyway, kind of like the first episode of Code Geass really. And a little Utena homage at the end?

Guilty Crown [Archive] – Beast’s Lair

He defeated Mana using Inori. Of course I have my preferences in genres though. P It came out late last year according to Dpisode. The ‘materializes weapons from other people’ part got me going “Shitsurakuen, is that you?

I think they explained a lot of the rules for his powers in the first three episodes, in fact I think the third episode was the “hide your power from the one witness you created” episode as well. Her song opera releasing pink light and freezing people.


Yangire Real robot shows being? He absorbed an entire epiosde worth of the apocalypse virus. This design is fucking crazy. You know what, I have to wonder The ballet part was really ODD for me, it might look good on paper, but to execute it in anime is really out-of-place for me.

Fiction’s world

I actually thought that was interesting. I can understand him losing him arm but losing his sight? I totally knew the guy they were looking for was going to be the one guy to really get a name and personality. In fact, I don’t even bother to watch 2 last episodes. Also, this is exactly the best way to mess with Yashiro while still being a nice guy.

Shuu and Inori played saviour. Yeah, but Shinji keeps being wimpy even when inside Unit 01, rarely does he go all badass. I’m only basing what I’m saying on some stuff I’ve read so don’t take my word for anything. I have to say that apart from this current episode the whole season got a solid impression on 2 fronts: Although she could just be a very petite girl. watchanimoen

Gai is the “asshole that gets all the girls” par excellance. NGE strikes me as a much more serious anime than most mecha. Sweet on her part, but IG goes and punishes Shu anyway by making him blind as well and missing a limb. Almost like I gujlty to see how bad things get.


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Too bad the characterizations are inconsistent!! The city burned lightless in the night, invisible fires of radiation scorching it from within guiltg without. It got me emotional at the right times and it produced memorable fun times. I think Shu will pass on the tang. I more or huilty dropped the show as of episode Human Revolution route, of course. Protag is quite Japanese: I want to see how this goes, and it doesn’t matter how many people may or may not decry it as a Code Geass clone a spiritual successor might be a more apt term if GC ends up being a breakout hit.

We still don’t actually know why Gai is leading a terrorist group, too.

Guilty Crown Episode 22 Discussion

Loved the end of episode artwork. The fuck is wrong with these idiots?

Mirai Nikki episode I think Funimation is simulcast so, maybe an hour after the broadcast at most? Not just one huge battle that lasts forever.