All that changed is your eye color. Would have liked the maid girl Dam to survive, the actress in her role is really good, too wasteful to be in only one episode. Thank you Joonni and also all the comment from Softy.. I haaaaaaaate that song. OK, gonna go ahead and watch Gu Family Book. Speaking of mythology, the familiar gumiho lore is twisted just enough to allow this show to do its own thing in playing with the conventions, which I like. KC arrives and finds nothing. Chief says it suits him.

Thank you so much for recapping episode 7 so fast!!! She removes the bandage to check the wound. He slowly extends his hand bracelet and YW slides closer. KC faints in her arms. Love the reviews, always love the reviews, even if I am two years late on most of these shows, they are welcome and enjoyable. Lamar March 3, at 3:


Sung wonders how Famoly can be so fine after yesterday. Because dear god man, how can you not know that she is a girl? Kang Chi is an outspoken character who’s full of curiosity. YW gives a sigh of relief. She leans against door and slides down, deep in thought. Do they get to be together? SR tells CJ that she must give up. Thanks very much for the recap Joonni!

Nam Hyun Joo Supporting Cast. Poor Dam – life sucks, then you die.


His eyes stay on her even when WS asks him if he want to go inside. And there was the gentlest little hint of a pure little semi-romance love in blossom between bro and maid. Let no one disparage Arang and her war on the Gods for her justice, life and love. Apr 9, at 8: I was immediately captivated by this show, but the one draw back for famiyl was Seo Hwa’s trying to commit suicide.

SR observes from afar. GW asks if Choi has thought about his crimes.

I don’t really care about the backstory, we already know Seunggi’s a half human, half gumiho. Just my dramacrayz though — does anyone think WR might like SJ at some point? This is solely dedicated to the best all-around entertainer, the one and only, Lee Seung Gi.

Jung Hye Young Supporting Cast. And “butthurt” applies more to you I guess.

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So far, I think the acting tu good. I am super glad that Admiral Lee Soon Shin stepped in to help, and that Kang Chi might have a really great mentor in him…then again he might just want to make sure to use him to get to all that gold. What, conflict of interest?


SJ, who has been looking at this exchange, remembers YW as the girl he su to avoid that destined person. He says it will take seven to eight days.

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It is his fate if he decides to become an animal god. Ivoire April 8, at Count me in as another one for team Mom and Dad, they look like they’d make a compelling full-length drama on their own, plus the chemistry is there and Lee Yeon-hee is GOOD!! This is the last I can do for you. Daddy will die in the end protecting his son or something I’m sure. While I think that there were some problems with pacing, this was a strong opening episode.

I have a feeling that the mood of the drama will change once Seung-gi and Suzy are introduced Thanks Jooni for the amazing recap!

I mean, obviously he has to survive, but uuuuuuuugh. I have to go to Chung Jo. If you do, then I will tie you again.