I haven’t read the recap yet but I’ve seen the episode RAW. I never expected a “side story” to take the spotlight like this but seriously, WolRyung and SeoHwa’s love story is the highlight of the series. However, based on their positions how they were standing, facing each other , I would think that if the bullet went through WR and got to SH, it would be through her chest and through her back, wouldn’t it? I also felt cheated because it’s not The One I heard on the background. Okay, after re-reading your comment I realized I had misread it the first time around. Episode 6 by Helcat. And I also know that the only person who can stop it is me.

T strangely I didn’t cry when I first saw them Yeo-wool thinks it over, and then wakes Kang-chi. And you are right, about the fact that you misread my question, however I do appreciate and like that at least, you TRIED to answer it. Seo-hwa sacrifices herself to save Wol-ryung from losing against his demon within. And I also know that the only person who can stop it is me. I prefer this actress old and young for mother really fit.

You guys are so silly about being first. I believe it’ll be nothing serious when it comes time for him to leave the academy. They aim, but Kang-chi sees them first and swings around to protect him.

She said to YW: Thank you, as always, for you recap. And how did Seo-Hwa know the wooden dagger driven into her heart would turn Wol-ryung back to gumiho? Augh, the pain written all over his faceā€”he remembers. Meanwhile, Seo Hwa wakes up at the Moonlight Garden.

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The scene is a bit long imo, the actor cried his heart out but it seems lacking something and did they change the singer for the OST or use the wrong file? Episod I still think more than likely his punishment will be living alone forever protecting the mountain as usual, without even his son there since he’ll be either human or with his adopted family.


I kdramatied for mothernot sure she die in hand his husband but i miss her with son.

Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Heaven’s love is inseparable from its justice. Perhaps it’s more effective if WR looks older? Thank you for the recap. I think that’s the writer pushing our buttons.

I think WR wasn’t a full gumiho again until Seo-Hwa died while he was weeping over her death, that’s when those blue lights bpok and there’s probably healing for wounds, but not death. Gon grabs the other leg, leaving the lovebirds to fight over the rest. I watched it 3 times already and teared each time.

This episode feels to me like that last little burst of flame that happens right before a fire runs out of fuel.

Gu Family Book 1-24 (Final)

He fires, and at the same time, Wol-ryung swings around to eplsode her, taking the shot in the back. Perhaps the powers that be will punish him for his murders by giving him death? So I will now continue to sob in to my pillow.

Dream June 17, at 9: Page 1 Page 2 Next page. She kdramatizes the first day she came in the secret mythical place. She heads outside and we see her wander around the same way she did twenty years ago. I think there’s a lot of things he doesn’t know by virtue of his not being allowed to mingle with people. AK June kdarmatized, at 3: I was crying along with them.

Probably because the parents have much fewer episodes to play out the stakes, but it’s more effective that way.


His friendship with the monk and the gnawing loneliness that caused him to want to become human. Seo Hwa, while holding the hand of her son, commends Kang Chi for growing up well and she is grateful for it. I think WR is gonna retreat to the mountains though, after all that grief. Toystar June 18, at 5: I thought Seo-hwa and Kang-chi would be able to bring Wol-ryung back, but I have to admit Seo-hwa’s death made their ending much more interesting.

The older weapons such as the one used here, are also less accurate, so the bullet wouldn’t necessarily have hit where it would look like it hits unless they show the exact place, again I haven’t watched it so can’t say.

Reminds me of YW ignoring KC and then him ignoring her and making me think they will drag out their misunderstanding for a few episodes, but then Kangchi just went right back and got over it a minute later. How our deepest heart desire is for love to be restored; even after hate has overshadowed it on the surface.

I just have something in my eye. Wol-ryung and Seo-hwa finally meet for the first time in twenty years. Does he remember her?

It’s either extraordinary bravery, confidence or foolhardiness. OMG, I cried a lot today. She asks him about his mother. T strangely I didn’t cry when I first saw them