Kristinia meets her cousin Kyndall, El DeBarge’s daughter, for the first time ever. Angela opens up about her devastating breakup and the pressures of living in the spotlight. Romeo and Bow Wow face off in an epic battle of the Lil’s! Can this pair find love or make like a dove and fly away? Full Episode 84 days left. Lil’ Eazy-E and his sister, Erica, go to visit Eazy-E’s burial site, and reminisce on his past and his legacy.

Angela invites some of the crew to the Winner’s Circle, but neglects Vanessa, pushing the divide between the sisters even further! Which one will she choose? Sign in Create Account. Marcelino fears being a stepdad. While Lil’ Twist is showing the crew his new hit, Briana decides to make her entrance completely drunk! Pepa’s son Tyran comes to town with old baggage in tow. In a long-awaited reunion, Dame unleashes on Boogie!

Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 2

Alla fears she may be pregnant. Andrea’s huge sacrifice brings on a major wedding day meltdown. Bow’s daughter Shai visits.

Catch up with Lil’ Twist as he discusses his highs and lows during hoo career! The Battle of the Lil’s Season 4, Episode Pepa’s security guard turned boyfriend violates his new father figure role. Brat is blindsided when Bow puts her in the middle of his relationship. Pepa has a lot to love!


Boogie is blindsided when he is lead to a surprise epusode intervention. Marriage is on the radar! Scott falls for hustler, Lizzie. Angela drops a bomb on her and Vanessa’s business plan.

Game night at Pepa’s house spirals into fight night! Shocking news from Lizzie’s lawyer leaves Scott in shambles.

Growing Up Hip Hop Episode 2 – DDotOmen

Dame ddotomen Rocky struggle to conceive. Johnna plans for a wedding after Garrett’s prison ddotome, despite her dad’s doubts. Season 4, Episode 17 Web Exclusives. WE can always count on Briana to do what she does best: Washing Off Prison Season 2, Episode 4.

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Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 2 – DDotOmen

Lil Mama faces scrutiny from Da Brat. Cola’s beau causes major drama his first day. WE will never forget the impact Aaliyah had. Boogie’s intervention spirals out of control when Kristinia and Briana nearly come to blows!


With Tamar in hiding, will she miss Toni’s 50th birthday? Pepa’s son Tyran comes to town with old baggage in tow. Later, the couples are bombarded by an unpleasant surprise. Game night at Pepa’s house spirals into fight night! Bow’s relationship is tested when ho; meets with old flame, Masika, for a secret rendezvous.

James rushes to Alla after her release. Meanwhile, Romeo’s torn between Angela and Tee Tee. Your password has been changed. Panic strikes when Egypt and Sam run off to elope! Dom’s parole impacts Mary’s wedding plans, creating an epic rift in their race to the altar. Wife on the Run Season 2, Episode Clint proposes the same day he meets Tracie.