The lighter tone was easier to sustain because this week’s homicide wasn’t one that Nick and Hank had to investigate. But that’s about it. He sees the whole gang — Monroe, Nick, Hank, Rosalee, even Bud, together, and realizes he’d been duped. She also flashed back to Pilar, the Spanish-speaking lady who seemed to know what was up, and calls her up for a visit, in which Juliette learns she’s at the border between two worlds. And when will Juliette really, finally, truly remember what Nick told her about being a Grimm? Terrified, Kellogg gets a ride back to his hotel from a helpful stranger — who happens to be our old pal,.

However, he finds two toads and is forced to choose which one of them to inject. Views Read Edit View history. She gave it to me for my birthday. He delivers the handkerchief and Rosalie adds it to her potion. At home Juliette continues to get vision memories — but the plus side is she can hallucinate half naked Nick. Adalind Schade James Frain

Edit Storyline After sleeping on it Nick decides it would be best for Monroe to take Juliette to the trailer. No wonder things are wack. Juliette Silverton as Anggry Tulloch. Monroe offers to lock up the shop for her so she can go to bed early.

Switch to a court room where Donald is on trial for murdering his wife of 6 months, Catherine. And it’s fun to see its downtown neighbors, including the Portland Center for the Performing Arts, and the marquee of the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, in the background.

Grimm – S 2 E 17 – One Angry Fuchsbau

And a character beyond being Mystical Latina Lady. Meanwhile Monroe fears Rosalee, who is serving jury duty, maybe under the influence of a toad dropping Ziegevolk who is jury tampering to win his case.


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Use the HTML below. That edifice always gives a great performance. Rosalee Bree Turner is on the jury, and she tells Monroe Silas Weir Mitchell that something funny’s going on with the defense lawyer, Barry Fpisode, a famed slick operator who keeps persuading witnesses to change their stories. Monroe tells Nick that he attacked Rosalie, so Nick just saved his life.

So Hank and Nick go to see him the next day, purportedly about him being attacked the night before, reported by the woman he was with. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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Well, that was utterly cryptic and totally pointless. Both toads and tree frogs are infamous for secreting chemicals that have profound neurologic impacts. Not a angr to Kellogg’s gym, that’s for sure.

Fangs For The Fantasy: Grimm Season 2, Episode One Angry Fuchsbau

But, out of nowhere, a blutbad in a hoodie it’s Monroe accosts Kellogg and starts chasing him through Portland’s streets. With DVR factoring in, the episode was watched rull 7. Adalind doesn’t reveal that she’s pregnant.

Back at the courthouse, Monroe’s worried that he picked the wrong toad, and Kellogg keeps doing his hambone, showboating bit.

One Angry Fuchsbau 05 Apr 8. He delivers the handkerchief and Rosalie adds it to her potion. Mitchell’s Monroe usually gets the good lines, but he’s also pretty adept at slapstick, too, it turns out.

One Angry Fuchsbau

Meanwhile, in the background, Monroe is trying to leap on one of the toads, which has escaped. At home Juliette continues to get vision memories — but the plus side is she can hallucinate half naked Nick. Barry Kellogg Bertila Damas Adalind Schade James Frain Episodes Eppisode from Suddenly, she begins seeing Nick’s flashes to when he was trying to show her the Grimm world. To the meta plot! And Juliette and Monroe talk. Continuing coverage of the filming and production of “Grimm” in Portland.


The episode ends as Juliette receives the visions of Nick throughout time until she can barely sleep. The next day, Nick and Hank distract Kellogg while Monroe sneaks into his hotel room to inject his toad the antidote.

Archived from the original on Eric Renard Lisa Vidal Nick hauls him off to jail for assault, and Kellogg winds up in a cell next to his creep of a client.

Back to the court room and the maid testifies about seeing Donald throwing Catherine off the balcony. Courthouse, on downtown Broadway, onscreen again.

Kelog is taken to prison — where he gets to spend some time close to Donald the Lowen who is not a happy Wesen. Trivia Again the amphibians are called toads but are actually tree frogs. His defence lawyer, Kelog, works some kind of mojo on the jury and court room. And more importantly, after three bleak and violent episodes that fixated on serial killer Wesen, this is probably the most fun an episode of Grimm ‘ s ever been, one that takes the show’s stronger elements and sets them loose in a good old fashioned caper.