We have a modern tv antannae that allows us to get about 15 channels. When we switched to Netflix streaming, we’d still sign up for one month of Netflix DVD service every once in awhile when we ran out of interesting shows available on streaming and binge watch to catch up on our favorite shows. It only hurt a couple weeks, now I don’t even miss them. On a really good day we get closer to Now I visit my local library often. Case Pencil Stache Posts: Is it really important to you to watch all those shows as they are airing?

I can’t binge watch it which is a good thing but I can keep up with new episodes. I also haven’t been working all winter which normally keeps me very busy. I hate network dramas and won’t watch them but I do watch a few of the comedies. I am able to watch the shows I like The Americans, Justified, etc. I just cancelled Netflix too. Those are the only shows I watch. I recommend switching to PC gaming.

So we don’t really have time or interest to binge watch our shows. This means I only need 2 channels to come in clearly 2. Well, the first step is to really think about what you want to watch in real time. Are many of the shows on free to air TV? This is not to mention the same ad running every 5 minutes.

If the antenna route is appealing to you there are websites that will show you what channels are available from your location based on line of sight. JimLahey on December 28, Once in awhile we’ll see that a friend or family member has some interesting DVDs e. UnleashHell Walrus Stache Posts: Learn to cook better.

OP, here’s another website I’ve used for streaming shows: I am able to watch e;isode shows I like The Americans, Justified, etc. It’s also important to recognize dpisode one looses a bunch of content in stream vs dvd. You don’t self-direct, so you rely on something else to keep you entertained. Not enough showtime to watch a show every day but enough time to feel like you’re not deprived– which will expose you to more productive things if you let it.


We just finished watching all of Justified this way.

JLee Walrus Stache Posts: Got that mustache feeling. Did try Amazon prime eppisode a while, but you might as well wait for DVDs to come out, they don’t get titles quickly.

Waiting impatiently for the day we can do hotspot cell phone wifi. I just lost interest in the shows, and I haven’t even seen any of the Game of Thrones series. Game of Thrones is from books.

When we cut cable, we signed up for sling tv. I usually have enough “backlog” to fill in when the shows I watch in realtime are off the air. To the person that said download and stream them for free I was looking for where to do that, some I don’t think it’s that easy. If the terms of service have changed, I’ll be back to going over to my sister’s house and watching with their family. I watched two seasons on eve, knew it was really good, and wanted to,wait until the entire show finished since by the time I watched it I,knew it was ending with 6th season.

You know, the one using the aerial on the roof? There are more shows than I have time. NinetyFour Walrus Stache Posts: You may go through a period of withdrawal symptoms, but you will come out stronger on the other side. The experience is multiplied by being able to watch an entire season in, say, a week. Download them or stream them for free.


I think they have hbo separate from cable now to get game of thrones. And if you feel deprived, then that’s a clear sign of input addiction.

Lnspilot on December 25, December 30, If someone could find a way to watch the English Premier league legally and would share it I’d be happy. I cancelled cable in and never looked back.

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It amazes me actually that people don’t talk about what they lose. We don’t have ANY pay streaming service. If you are a little patient most shows will be available on DVD eventually. We went even cheaper than downloading. Philociraptor Pencil Stache Posts: Now I visit my local library often.

Did you miss your activation email? If you like new release movies you could get a job at a movie theater part time. We have been pleasantly surprised by seaosn additional channels available on the Roku itself.

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Right now I can’t do either and don’t have much other winter hobbies. For cable shows, you can often watch the most recent episode on your computer don’t care for that, but some people have better set-ups for it than I do or buy them from Amazon or iTunes.

If you have children, then the list of meaningful opportunities is exponentially higher. For the Americans, I think we paid for it, or paid for some and ahem downloaded some.