When everyone was finished choosing their winner, Brody counted the bodies on each side of the room and then turned his attention back to Kurt and Rachel. She walked past him into the apartment, dragging a rolling suitcase, and Kurt knew the answer before she said it. It was like Rachel had swung to the negative end of the self-esteem spectrum since Kurt’s win at Midnight Madness. He thought about the kiss the entire train ride back to Bushwick. They met at a restaurant near NYADA fifteen minutes later and spent a few hours chatting and eating and flirting until Kurt had to leave or risk missing the final train of the night. By the time they arrived at Blaine’s house, Blaine felt so terrible that he didn’t even argue when Tina offered him some of the nighttime cold medicine. Being affectionate with someone else.

Kurt had always secretly worried that this would happen. Kurt got up from his chair and walked over to see who it was. He glanced at Rachel as he slid the apartment door open, but she was holding her tea in one hand and typing furiously on her phone with the other, so he slipped out the door and closed it behind him. Dancing with someone else. Kurt decided to step in before things got out of hand. A Very Glee Christmas 6. So, I’ve been all out of whack.


She walked away, and Kurt sighed in frustration. You’re going to blow them away, Kurt!

It’s the day after tomorrow. You don’t need any of that.

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Rachel, that doesn’t mean anything. Editorial Renewal Scorecard: Was Big Bang Barf Bogus? He ran into Artie near the door to the flee room, and they chatted for a minute about New Directions. I think this is the point when Kurt and Adam’s relationship is the best it’s ever going to be in terms of their romantic relationship.

Santana looked from Rachel to Brody to Kurt before nodding. They were soul mates, weren’t they? It felt so good. You could get it!

Glee – Season 4, episode 13

This watxh, Adam initiated their goodbye kiss, and Kurt spent another train ride home thinking about kissing Adam. But yeah, I should probably go. Wahch truth is I wouldn’t have survived it without you. It was going to be hard enough to see Kurt on Valentine’s Day — the first since they had broken up — without having to spend the day watching Kurt falling in love with someone else.

You won Midnight Madness! Schu’s wedding next week? It felt good, like a reassurance that Kurt was still in his life.

Pillsbury approved as she and Finn moved to the front of the room. Blaine rolled his eyes and realized that he wasn’t going to be able to convince them until he had the opportunity to show them with a performance.


You and me, head-to-head. Once he finally managed to turn off his alarm, he sat up and looked around the room. And, when she did, she was going to regret letting her devastation keep her from auditioning for Funny Girl.

Blaine responded, and Kurt’s answering smiley face filled Blaine’s whole body with warmth. Blaine replied a few minutes later.

Santana didn’t bother to hide the way her eyes took in every part of Brody’s body as she walked over to him and extended her hand. Being affectionate with someone else.

Silly Love Songs 8. That chicken soup you made me; it was magic! Kurt had just rolled his eyes and let the call go to her voicemail. I, onlne, have been considered quite a diva at many a local restaurant because I know what I want and I will send a dish back.

The topic shifted to other things. This is a blood sport.