Press very firmly to remove all of the Solution. The vinyl did not shrink. Glass Connectors and Clamps. EZ Cling films are designed to install easily and be easily removed. Restaurant and Hospitality Products. The pleasing pattern refracts light, allowi … ng you to enjoy natural brightness with decreased up rays and glare.

You have two cutting options: The film can be removed quickly and re-applied. For more product information as well as installation videos, tips and tricks please visit www. Architectural and Ornamental Systems and Accessories. Use it anywhere you’d like more coverage than what you get from clear glass: Each film covers one standard window in your home, allowing you to customize the areas in your home where they will be used.

Use a low lint or lint free cloth for drying.

Closet Doors and Drawer Hardware. Wi … th a medium dark black shade, the easy cling glare control film still reduces amount of glare to your window, but it congrol in some visible light. Use absorbent low lint or lint-free towels or paper coffee filters to absorb water from around the edges of the film.

Convex, Dome Security and Inspection Mirrors. Gila window film is easy to installHas a variety of uses around the houseUse on any glass surfaceOn wind … ows it offers hour privacy from unwanted fila natural light to enterUse to decorate other glass surfaces, such controp side lights, glass inserts on cabinet doors, bathroom mirrors and shower stalls or glass tablesInstall on sliding glass doors to prevent walk-though accidentsStatic cling technology that uses no adhesivesCan be removed and reinstalledCuts to sizeInstallation is easiest when utilizing the complete application kit sold separately Privacy window film is 36″ x 6.


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Renaissance goal is to con … tinually produce new and innovative quality products, all at an affordable price. Also offering a complete line of holiday items. Clouds Static Cling Window Film, 36″ x 12 ft. Store the film rolled inside its carton in a cool, dry place.

With puffy clouds against a bright blue sky, this pattern will bring a cheerful, airy feel to any space. Best Lawn Mowers of Generously spray the window with the Solution, then use a razor blade to remove any stubborn dirt or paint.

Carefully flare the dimensions of the window before cutting the film. The film provides daytime or hour privacy to your home while still admitting fi … ltered light. The static cling technology makes application quick and easy; simply apply to the window using water, use the enclosed smoother to smooth into place, then leave to dry.

However, extremely greasy or smoke-covered windows may need to be cleaned first with glass cleaner then rinsed thoroughly with the Solution. Thi … s static cling is easily installed, repositioned and removed, making it a simple Perfect where ever glare is a problem such as TV rooms and living areas.

Commercial Door and Window Hardware. Use our shopping guide and top three picks to find the best weed eater for you. Sale Alert See at Wayfair. A rain barrel collects rainwater that can be used for numerous household tasks.

We highly recommend purchasing our Complete Application Kit along with your film purchase.


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This film complement … s homes from traditional to modern. Fiom item has been added to your sale alerts. Here are five practical products for storing Create New Account simplify checkout, view order status, save shipping info, track recent orders. Wipe off accumulated dirt from the window gasket with a soft low lint or lint free cloth or paper coffee filters. Transaction and Commercial Hardware.

This film was … inspired by an early-hours memory of a bathroom window, iced overnight by nature. We recommend pre-cutting the film to minimize waste. You can remove it and reinstall it as often as you want, as it won’t leave a film or residue behind. Window and Door Hardware.

How to Install Vinyl Window Film (Glare Control Film)

Clouds Static Cling Window Film, 36″ x 3 ft. When re-applied, the vinyl may look slightly smaller. If the Edging Tool is not available, the edge of a ruler, credit card, or a wallpaper-trimming guide will suffice. Gila Faux Shades Privacy Control Window Film mimics the look of white frosted mini blinds, adding privacy and texture while allowing natural light to pass through.

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