Retrieved 2 December Neither her mother, also Aime, a cook, nor her father, George senior, were home when white law enforcement officers came and took away George and her stepbrother, Johnny, in handcuffs. Dyches and Geddings, both 62, have grown up with the grief of their mothers, Betty June’s elder sisters, and their grandparents Daisy and John Binnicker. To them, George’s confession, and a handwritten note from a Clarendon County deputy stating he confessed and had led them to the murder weapon — a 15in railroad spike — was proof enough of his guilt. All of this he admitted himself. His parents were helpless, Charles said. Stoll sentenced Stinney to death by the electric chair. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Attempts to overturn the conviction have met with resistance among Alcolu’s white community. George Stinney’s mug shot. Audible Download Audio Books. Other new evidence, heard by a court in January, includes an affidavit from the Reverend Francis Batson, who found the girls and pulled them from the water-filled ditch. He was the youngest person to be executed by the United States in the 20th century. He says there was little blood at the ditch, evidence that the girls were killed elsewhere. Mayor Jenkins Brett Rice

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She and George were sitting on the railroad tracks when the girls approached and asked if they knew where they could find maypops, a kind of fruit.

She also found that 20114 execution of a year-old constituted ” cruel and unusual punishment. What about in the s, when the civil rights movement was starting?

In addition, an affidavit was introduced from the “Reverend Francis Batson, who found the girls and pulled them from the water-filled ditch. What happened next has cast a long shadow over the town, the state of South Carolina and the Stinney family.


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Johnston, who was running for the US Senate at the time, was unmoved. Police said that Stinney confessed to the crimes and, although there was no physical evidence, he was charged with capital murder, tried, convicted and executed by the state — all in the space of 83 days.

The lawyers say the site is for litigation fees only, with any remaining going to a scholarship foundation, have no interest in suing for wrongful death stunney do not know if that is even possible. His 20014 did not see George again before the trial. Aime said she phoned Hamilton after she read the story.

In one version, Stinney was attacked by the girls after he tried to help one girl who had fallen in the ditch, and he killed them in self defense.

A second and third charge followed.

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They returned, convinced of his innocence but, as poor blacks in the south, with little recourse. Attempts to overturn the conviction have met with resistance among Alcolu’s white community. A re-examination of the Stinney case began inand several individuals and Northeastern University School of Law organized to seek a judicial review.

From the Green Hill church it is a few minutes’ walk, across a ploughed field littered with corn husks, to the shallow ditch in the woods where the bodies of two girls, Betty June Binnicker, 11, and Mary Emma Thames, seven, were found, side by side, 70 years ago this month.

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Archived from the original on April 10, Archived geotge the original on December 22, There was no transcript. A local white woman who remembered Stinney from childhood said in that Stinney had threatened to kill her and her friend the day before the murder, and that he was known as a bully.


Dupree Georgge Victoria Gadsden Deterville Those who remember the terrible events that unfolded in this dot of a place that spring and summer were children at the time and their memories are shaped by this same racial divide that split the community in two.

George Stinney was executed at 14. Can his family now clear his name?

What about in the s or 80s? They said that, although they acknowledge Stinney’s execution at the age of 14 is controversial, they never doubted the boy’s guilt.

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Vietnam at 24 Frames a Second: In one letter, dated 14 June, two days before the execution, Johnston wrote to a VM Ford of Myrtle Beach who had asked for clemency, that he had spoken with the arresting officer. Between the time of Stinney’s arrest and his execution, Stinney’s parents were allowed to see him once, after the trial when he was held in the Columbia penitentiary.

Wainwright explicitly required representation through the course of criminal proceedings. McKenzie and Burgess, along with attorney Ray Chandler representing Stinney’s family, filed a motion for a new trial on October 25, Topics US crime The Observer. There is scant documentary evidence from the case, but newspapers reported that, because of his small stature, at 5ft 1in and weighing just 95lb, the guards had difficultly strapping him into a chair built for adults.