Sackler Gallery, Smithsonian Institution U. Their feelings start to merge as his memories get clearer. The Man Who Ate an Apple. Berlin University of the Arts. May many people have [a] good sleep and sweet dreams tonight even in the world with whining sounds and wriggle of yin and yang. She studied animation at Tokyo Polytechnic University

Okuda’s A Gum Boy. Follow her on twitter and check out her art on her official website. The Cloudy Dog Talk About. Will mimoptera keep imitating. In addition to animation, Kugenuma does freelance animation. How much control do we have in our own actions?

Before coming to Geidai, she studied animation at Tokyo Zokei University Check her out on tumblr. The world is hard to tell subjective or objective. Specimens o f Obsessions. Unless otherwise noted, all film synopses below are from the DVD booklet.

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There is a wide variety of styles both in 2D and 3D. Why did he have to leap out of his room? Up on the ground there are many people coming and going. Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem. In her dream, she finds a frame, which makes her believe that drawing geiidai her destiny.

Recently the goldfish appears to be in poor health, which worries the frog. The balance between his delusions and reality is in constant flux.


Results Announcement Ceremony for the “2014 Geidai Art Student Summit–Yokohama Art Story”

I will review some of my favourite films from this graduating class in the near future. Then the costume becomes a part of his body and confines him inside.

Follow her on twitter or check out her website. Never forget that moment. Midori, a green dwarf, becomes aware of himself. It is a song to pray for the existence of heart and soul at an awakening.

Etsuo Tsukamoto and Arisa Wakami provided additional vilm. The metamorphosed windows transfer, expand, reflect, conserve, and sometimes shine like a lighthouse. Sackler Gallery, Smithsonian Institution.

Always transforming himself, his heat and mind drift and run towards the goal when he finds it. I got a younger brother. The Tender March, ver. Follow him on twittertumblrand youtube.

A child strayed among them. Nobody knows anything about what happened to him afterwards after that. Then she makes a promise. Posted by Cathy Munroe Hotes at 2: Follow her on tumblr. They have kept working without questioning their own identities. His room was full of specimens and each specimen had a significant name. Let us take off [our] shoes and socks, and enjoy the fresh breeze between our toes. There are examples of stop motion animation, anime style though usually with a twist of some kindabstract, 2D drawn animation and computer generated 3D.


To date, exchange agreements have been achieved with the 74 universities and institutes listed below.

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Newer Post Older Post Home. Today he eats, gets dressed, and heads out once again. College of Music, Seoul National University. It assimilates its own form into the environment to avoid the attention. Follow her on tumblr. Then it disappears and he gets lost in a white void space. Students and staff exchange programs are actively promoted and pursued.

Even though you want to finish with smoking, the spirits of tobacco are just behind you. That makes the angel very happy and she flies up to. Vienna University of Technology. People who are Eating.

Mimar Sinan Arts University. Once again, the standard of the Geidai student work is excellent. A clown convinces and hurries the residents of an amusement park, a girl, a gay, a soldier, a dog, to be in time for the merry-go-round. You can follow him on vimeo.