Every moment after the first episode had captured my full attention. Taroumaru is a zombie dog Jesus, he died for our sins. D The way Yuki was able to make the zombies disperse makes sense, and I’m glad Kurumi was able to be saved. Would zombify for a season 2. Miki is kind of heartless most of the time All thanks to Megu-nee which could just be Yuki’s sane conscience leading her to the broadcasting room.

Wow, such an emotional first half. This series is by far my crowning favorite of the season and quite possibly the whole year. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Was that the one Taroumarou was actually looking for? Marathoning it, to be precise. Sure he was cute, and definitely served his purpose in building up the feels for his tragic end, but his actions while a zombie dog killed it for me. They dropped this huge bombshell about how the zombie outbreak occurred only to troll you in the next episode by saying “Oh, you want to now what happens next after we built up all this tension?? What was the point?

Plus, that psychological weight from zombie-doggie and that emotional death: They succeeded in ending the anime on a happy note with hope for their future which was probably the direction the writer wanted to take this 12 episode adaptation.

In my epsiode and opinions of judgement, I can’t think of anything this amazing anime did wrong.

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I hate moe sol shows but this is one that managed to keep me entertained most of the time. Honestly though my only wish is that for season 2 if we get one is that they stop the moe crap, I think that was the only thing holding the show back imo.

Secondly I was a bit shocked they didn’t go more into what Megu-nee’s last moments where like. D I’m not really big on zombie stuff simply because all zombie movies seem to end the same way: I also love the choice to put only moe characters in the setting, and each individual had distinct quirks and past history.


And lastly 1 point for She’s a goddamn genius and I love her. Would zombify for a season 2. FUCK In any case, wow. Quite a disappointing ending Until now the zombies never attacked one another so why where they doing eub in that instant?

Right when I thought the dog was going to survive it ends up dying anyway.

If I didn’t read the manga, I would of liked it better but the first episode was the reason I epsode to read it in the first place. Also just pre-ordered the Vol. Taroumaru is a zombie dog Jesus, he died for our sins.

What was on that CD? The show really could have toned down on the SoL and fanservice moments as it ruined a englih of the tension. This may even go into my top 5 anime Why the fuck are there zombies then TwT That post credit scene seems to hint a season I’m enjoying this more than Joukamachi or Shimoneta or even that weird Ranpo Kitan.

As a senior, I can really empathize with high schoolers who would rather stay in school than graduate and become zombies for all eternity. Taroumaru lightened the mood quite a bit, so now it’s not just only Yuki cheering everyone up tho there was also a but too much of that.

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I enjoyed all of the speeches in this episode as well. It didn’t gurazhi up anything. They dropped this huge bombshell about how the zombie outbreak occurred only to troll you in the next episode by saying “Oh, you want to now what happens next after we built up all this tension?? O Dead girl at the end was indeed Kei, given by guraehi hairstyle.


While I can see that there were some undeveloped material due to Taroumaru screentime and I wish that they didn’t spend entire halves of eps on Taroumaru, I still feel the dog was a nice addition to the story.

My question here is why?

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Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. BBCode “I hate nice girls. Did anyone notice the other dog at the ending credits. I’m glad this piece of shit is done. Especially during the transition from episode 8 to 9. Not that I thought all the filler and fluff about Taroumaru was necessary, ofc. And now with that being said I’m just going to rant on a few things that I disliked about this episode and a bit about the series in general.

Thirdly, I was disappointed with how they toned down the tense moment of Kurumi’s recovery. A season 2 would be nice but I won’t get my hopes too high. First off the number one thing that irritated me the most this season was back when they discovered the locked episodde and found a cd in it. I’m glad they included Miki’s scene with what looked like a zombfied Kai so at least that loose end is tied.

I had thought she was just going to make loud noises via the broadcast and sacrifice herself. That was a fucking ride of a series More Top Anime englidh Fullmetal Alchemist: I’ve never hated an adaptation of a manga I’m reading this much before.

Mixing cute girl slice of life with tragic horror created some interesting results but