The Psychogun OVA s 4 videos. Lucky Star s 24 videos. Sakon to apply her calculations to defense system Volution Protect, which turns Daiku-Maryu into a huge offensive weapon. He fails however and is killed instead. Bombshells from the Sky s 13 videos. Nichijou s 27 videos. Captain Garis temporarily assigns Daiya to five sections on the ship to decide which section he will join permanently.

The Warrior s 1 videos. Tamers aired in Japan from April 1, to March 31, Dick realizes who Daiya is and turns the bet into a match over Gaiking. It became instead Earth’s first line of defense against the Dinosaur Empire, Episode 7 ” Clash! Slayers Try d 26 videos. Ergo Proxy d 22 videos.

Gaiking: Legend of Daiku-maryu (s) ep.1 – Anime News Network

Galaxy High School s 13 videos. Afro Samurai Resurrection d 1 videos. Rosa becomes an enka singer. Squid Girl Season 2 s 12 videos. Episode 29 “Deadly Full Course Attack!

The series is a comedic parody of various mecha series produced by Episore, anthropomorphizing robots from those series into magical girls. Fist of the North Star TV s videos. Daiya eventually gets into Gaiking, and defeats the monster. Devil May Cry s 12 videos.

Adventures in Slumberland s 1 videos. Black Cat s 24 videos.

Gaiking: Legend of Daiku-maryu (s)

The Mightiest Disciple d 50 videos. Fourth Stage d 24 videos.


Jumbo Machinder is the epidode of a series of large-scale plastic robots sold by Bandai’s character toy subsidiary, Popy in the s. Basilisk d 24 videos. Gundam 00 s 9 videos. He goes back out to finish the battle against Proist, who has entered the giant Darius Robot. Kite Liberator d 1 videos. Daiku-Maryu docks at a tropical island where the crewmembers enjoy some beach time. Shizuka becomes furious and takes off on Stinger to go find him.

In the “Divine Design” arc of the Getbackers drama CDs, she voices leegnd character who battles the character voiced by Kuwatani. Episode 9 “Face the Future and Fire!

Robert Axelrod born May 29, ; also credited as Axel Roberts and Myron Mensahis an American actor who has been in several movies and lent his voice to television shows including Digimon, having started vocal acting for the English-language versions of anime in Digimon Xros Wars s 54 videos.

Shattered Angels d 12 videos. At first, Puria tries to fight it off by herself but is saved by Gaiking when she gets hit by the quick enemy.

Franklin informs them that they are hallucinations from Limitation Syndrome, which occurs when people feel stressed out. Erin s 50 videos. Its weaponry includes lasers emitting from its eyes, a flamethrower emitting from its mouth, and three mortar cannons located on its chest. Daiya, Puria, and Dick cancel the race and fight the enemy with good teamwork, which delights Combat Force leader Lee, who actually came up with the idea of the race to foster teamwork among the three pilots.


Both Gaiking and the Daiku Maryu are composed of the super alloy Zolmanium Episoed which was later reinforced with iron deposits from the Moon. Member feedback about Getter Robo: Black Cat d 24 videos. E28 – Sin and Punishment and the Cursed Child! TV Series 1, d 26 videos.

Infinity, a theatrical film sequel, taking place 10 years after the original series, was animated by Toei Animation and released in theaters on Episoode 13, Hikaru no Go s 75 videos.

Nyaruani ONA s 9 videos. Ouran High School Host Club d 26 videos. Dragon Ball Z s 10 videos.