You also need to use key concepts such as Audience, Production, Distribution, Exhibition and Exchange. This includes a musical soundtrack or a voiceover however this excludes a narration by a character within the story — referred to as an internal monologue and is diegetic. Walt Disney pioneered synergistic marketing techniques in the s by granting dozens of firms the right to use his Mickey Mouse character in products and ads, and continued to market Disney media through licensing arrangements. Also known as inter-cutting or parallel editing. Successful partnerships… FilmFour relies on joint partnerships with other companies to make films: This would effect funding, so in the production stage big tie in deals like avatar and product placement would not happen so independent smaller British production companies would have to either get another studio involved, get funding from national lottery. What are they used to represent?

How does this effect how they will be distributed. Informally, the word may also be used to refer to the combination of the mount and camera. Alternatively, they can occur at the end of a scene, when the sound from the next scene is heard before the image appears on the screen. Also known as inter-cutting or parallel editing. Learning and knowing all these terms is the minimum preparation you should be doing – the minimum! In the distribution stage, independent film companies rely on a distributor, but it is more difficult to find if film are not commercially viable for a larger audience think slumdog millionaire. Also when creating trailers different edits will be produced think about Spiderman and Slumdog. You could so talk about how film 4 has there own channel to exhibit their films and big companies can you both synergy and technological convergence to promote their films.

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You should also make reference to…. You may want to start to answer the question dtama the opening paragraph and then move onto your key technical areas you must discuss: Often used as an establishing shot.


Make notes and make a plan of how you are going to tackle the essay but put a line through your notes once you have finished so examiner knows these are your notes. Object, or person sometimes not part of the principle scene or main actionfollowed by a cutback to the original shot.

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Producers and Audiences This section of the exam will focus on the film industry and audience film. After all, in the regular pattern of film-making and the decisions taken at each stage, errors can take place which could be rectified in future.

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Successful partnerships… FilmFour relies on joint partnerships with other companies to make films: When two or more technologies come together to create a new technology. The camera might be at a high angle, a low angle or at eye level with what is being filmed.

More common co-funded D: After all, YouTube, Face-Book, Blogsites, Amazon UK message boards on films, etc have put people onto films that they would otherwise never have found. How do audiences influence institutional decisions? Pirates of the Caribbean or Titanic, Harry Potter.

Auth with social network: The issues raised in the targeting of national and local audiences specifically British by international. Also can be a shot of an object, filmed from close to the object or zoomed in to it, that reveals detail.

What are they used to represent?

Alternatively, they can occur at the end of a scene, when the sound from the next scene is heard before the image appears on the screen. To understand the structure of the exam and criteria needed to write a good answer. Learning Objectives To examine the role of the media in todays society. Again this is true of 20 th century fox, you could then make the link to convergence, and proliferation, how sky TV owned by news corps who owns 20 th century fox you can download and watch films, so can access when you want.


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Link this to exhibition, compare and contrast, how film festivals help to promote low budget films, this could also be linked to synergy how they can promote their products using their other products. Rv Sound — sound effects or music that match the mood and rhythm of the actions on screen. In the production stage because independent film companies use cgi rather than 35mm film, and often use drqma independent cinemas to screen why?

They can occur at the beginning of one scene when the sound from the previous scene carries over briefly before the sound from the new scene begins. Different cultural values and appeals. Continuity Editing — the most common type of editing, which aims to create a sense of reality and time moving forward.

Also a shot counter shot has been included but this is more an editing technique. Question will ask you to discuss the processes of production, distribution and exhibition in British Film Your answer should make reference to specific examples from the case studies we have studied.

Another possible angle is to begin with the importance of technological convergence and begin with its ever widening role in enjoying, making and marketing films. This means the audience are not mainstream but niche.

And how they link to…. Audiences tied to one product.