When I first watched it, I cried buckets of tears, especially for Ji-eun, and watchng it again after all these years it still made me a bit misty-eyed at times. She asks him for a favor, involving the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and Sports. But we need to choose carefully, okay? Episode 8 Recap Full House: He goes to his hotel room and thinks back to when he met Ji-eun. Yung-jae and Min-hyuk go to the backyard to talk while Ji-eun is busy with the latest draft of the movie script. Ratings and interests in a drama are equally important. These two have just blown my socks off.

In fact, the plot seemed a bit stretched that it felt like the people behind the production counted on the popularity and talent of their actors to make this series work for them. Can someone tell me the name of the song in the very beginning of episode 14? Your personal view point made bend over me roll in dough. Why reinvent the wheel when the wheel is created perfectly the first time around. YJ whatever the favor you ask to your daddy, KJ will never come back to you, you need to move on. Even if she was interested in him that way, which she isn’t. It must be so great to have actors who easily make a script come to life… and then some. He said he will promote the album for two months as well as including performances of the new tracks in his concert tours this year,

No one haven’t talked to me yet about the ratings of this drama. No idea what Koala will say, but me? The blue light then went from people to people which resembled connecting people. I heard that before uouse series, she has only been doing drama.

Anything graphic or goes beyond R18 rating due to an over active imagination should be forwarded to my email.

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Thank-you for sharing that wonderful tidbit! Angel, that is so BDSM!!! Manager Park says she would that that if she was Ki Joon, she could do even more cowardly things if necessary. Chairman Chen and Aunt formally sign their investment partnership contract.


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I can only hope it’s her head that rolls. I gasped when I saw it. I know I am kinda shallow but you don’t have to be to recognize how distracting these haorstyles are Is it too late eplsode hope for a change here? Min-hyuk is in his apartment working that night. Episode 10 Recap Full House: If you like fluffly light drama, this is it. But anyway, last 2 episodes next week.

Ex-Civil Servant, take the fall, it is natural, she started the charade, and Ex-Ice Prince, to confess his love for her, in public, awesome!!!

So should I watch it. He says he asked her as a friend. Even if she was interested in him that way, which she isn’t.

I Think I Guitar Instrumental More Rain, Hottest Singer in S.

Rain made the comment to reporters before taking to the stage for his concert titled “ADIEU with Rain ” held at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium on December 31, which was attended by about 7, fans from Korea as well as fans from overseas, O — 0 Even I had to look away from his stare — blushing!! I understood the no kiss in ep 11 and the first half of ep 12, but both 13 and 14? The two are a couple in this drama and the two look great together!

She asks how he got inside the house and he admits to climbing through the broken window in the kitchen. She asks whether she should make things right since she was wrong from the beginning? Seriously, on mondays and tuesdays, I live for your recaps. With that, I say thank you koala for making me love LTM more!!!

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This leads Ki Joon to wonder if she likes him because of him or his position? He is aangry, that I broke our, relationship? Episode 10 Recap Full House: In one, she makes appearances every so often at press showings of her feature works donning pretty dresses a, She looks back at him, stunned.


Ji-eun finds a note on the refridgerator thanking her for cooking for him all this time and saying goodbye. The airport scene was a major example of eye-sex thingy… dont you think they have to bring it to the next highest level…. May be KJ has to give up something…. Tune Entertainment] Asian pop sensation Rain has dominated all online music charts with his latest single “Love Song”, according to his agency J. I have no problem with that at all. I think both of them are good actors. Wait until business hours.

I am officially hooked! One ring to rule us all!! It shows what goes on behind the scenes of popular shows and fancy stars, For its 15th anniversary, SICAF will offer a retrospective of past editions as well as special programs befitting this year’s future-oriented theme of education, Kang-hwi lies on his couch in the dark with his arm outstretched. D I love PKW too, so much mostly after watched bridal mask and I watched all of drama you mentioned, actually I felt pity for him, but your comments totally made me laugh, hahahaha.

If he is that is probably a good thing, because where, oh where, would NMW find a woman prettier than he? When I watch drqmacrazy, I want to be entertained.

You get the feeling that they are just trying to play down their attraction to one another — much dramxcrazy when a couple is out in public — as much as they want to touch each other and kiss and make out — decorum dictates that they mingle, socialise and be decent.

Evil plans doesn’t work here. Fuull that even make sense??? I still can’t forgive her for that. It was mood and possibility over narrative.