There are no external standards of beauty. Teaching should prepare students for analyzing and solving the types of problems they will face outside the classroom. FS 5 – Episode 5 Education. Cooperativeness 5 Very High The Teacher in the C Self-confidence 5 5 2 5 5 4. Based on your personal interview of the teachers on the competencies of the national standards for teachers, has the teacher met the requirements?

A disciplinarian kind of teacher can establish a well-managed classroom by setting a rules and regulations with the approval of all students. Successfully reported this slideshow. Giving them a concrete ideas for every lesson that we have in order for them to clearly visualize and understand it. Any errors are ours. Record the answers on the Matrix below: I will allow children to become responsible members of our classroom community by using strategies such as class meetings, positive discipline, and democratic principles. Teacher-guided discovery of profound truths is a key method of teaching students. Vaguely related to the theories.

Delivers accurate and updated content knowledge using appropriate strategies.


The Global Teacher 1. Why do you think some teachers are better loved by students than others? We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads.

It is because the people there were very approachable and we received a very warm welcome from them. Which of the supportive measures were effective? Also, a teacher who is sensitive to the needs of his every student and a teacher who has a strong determination who will never be swayed in giving his policies in the classroom in order to establish order that will eventually result to the learning of the students.

Few entries are of acceptable quality, not well selected and very minimal substantial. Refinement 5 Very High Are you sure you want to Yes No. Community officials should take over the responsibilities of the teachers.


You may choose to episose some additional comments here. I volunteer to do tasks for others. When it comes to accomplishing a task, especially from the students or any individual that I expected to perform his duties, I am very particular its fulfillment unless they would say that they cannot fulfill it on time.

Successfully reported this slideshow.

The teacher establishes separate activities in a separate setting, like group activities are being performed in other classroom apart from the lecture settings, with the proper allocation of time to finish the required task or activity. These characteristics of mine can help me in becoming an effective classroom manager because if teaher know how to discipline yourself you will become a good disciplinarian to your students and to your classroom.

Reflects on the extent of the attainment of profession developmental goals. In which of the seven domains do you find yourself HIGH?

FS 6 Episode 5 and 6

I am sincere in giving suggestions. Please give your explanation.

In which of the seven domains do you find yourself HIGH? A Filipino teacher should be equipped with personal and professional qualities and competencies of the Effective Teacher. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

FS 6 Episode 5 and 6

One of course is passing standardized test or licensure examinations which is the main requirement for the teaching profession. I am pleasant in action, words and appearance. Published on Apr 17, I am not perfect and I make a lot of mistakes, but I really appreciate those people who stay with me after knowing how I really am. At the end of this episode, we anxwers demonstrate as deeper understanding of the rights, duties, and responsibilities of a professional teacher and their impact on us a teacher.

How many teachers are high in compassion? Interview the teacher to verify the class program. Some teachers are better loved by students because of their happy disposition, personality differences which often include friendliness, warmness, and enthusiasm which creates a sense of community and belonging in the classroom.


I make sure that I am improving and enhancing my personal qualities and to be professionally developed. How many teachers are low in emotional stability?

Teacher establishes learning environment that responds to the aspirations of the community The Teacher’s Philosophy of Education. Refinement 46 – 50 5 Very High Facilitate learning opportunities to meet current epislde emerging educational needs.

This I think should be changed. A disciplinarian without harming the students physically, emotionally and psychologically; moreover, a disciplinarian that is patient and has a friendly approach so as to avoid fear and hesitation from the students.

Request for an interview on any public school teacher Elem or High School 2. Grammar and spelling unsatisfactory. Forest tress mahogany, narra, etc. Our recommendation is to have a class record that is neat and well-arranged. Demonstrates that learning is of different kinds.

FS6 Episode 1: On Becoming a Teacher

Fruit tress mango, jackfruits, etc. Rules and regulations that are observable and it must be followed by the students as well as the teacher. Moreover, you can also come on time to check and instruct or help your students in making the classroom well-cleaned and well-organized. From the response of the teachers, what conclusion can you make about the values that a global teacher should have?