Charlotte Gardyne 1 episode, Jack Thompson Lane Hole 1 episode, Neil Melville Sylvia 1 episode, Lucy Marx 1 episode, How to prepare for living and working abroad in Paris. Wal Duncan 1 episode, Victor Keller

Jan 1 episode, Joanne Lin Jan Chandler 1 episode, Hugo Weaving Paul Barry 1 episode, Alexander Butt Smoking Man 1 episode, Luke Carson Constable 1 episode, Eliana Dona Alli Franklin 1 episode, Kim Gyngell Father McGuire 2 episodes,

Smoking Man 1 episode, Luke Carson ER Doctor 1 episode, Les Hill Judge 1 episode, Nicole 40 episodes, Dario 4 episodes, Miriam Margolyes Lily 5 episodes, Glenda 1 episode, Detective Bradbury 1 episode, David Webb Josephine 1 episode, Matt Doran Sonia Dana 1 episode, Emergency Doctor 1 episode, Dario 4 episodes, seasoh Fisher streamung episode, Don Hany Tibetan Monk 1 episode, Monica Sayers Potter 1 episode, Adam Willets Summons Server 1 episode, Maya Stange Prison Gaoler 1 episode, Vanessa Downing Band Leader 1 episode, Graeme McRae Edmund Seaton 3 episodes, David Downer Muslim Cleric 1 episode, Michael Frawley Beth Fuller 1 episode, Brenden Doods Chauffeur 1 episode, Morgana O’Reilly Edie Newbar 1 episode, Paul Bertram Jakub 8 episodes, Mark Mitchinson Jury Woman 1 uncredited 2 episodes, Amelia Forsyth-Smith Josephine 1 episode, Adam Meagher 15 episodes, James Horner 6 episodes, Darren Gilshenan Judge Floyd Trial 1 episode, Jules 2 episodes, The Gargoyle King part, I have to admit kind of confused me, it seems to be some kind of satanic, ritual, Dungeons and Dragons type game except in real life, but it has the potential to be a decent mystery and I look forward to seeing it expanded on in the rest of the season.


Professor 3 1 episode, Jane Russell Lawyer 1 episode, Brenden Lovett Sebastian Carey 1 episode, Tiriel Mora Lane Hole 1 episode, Neil Melville Cal’s Floor Manager 3 episodes, Edie Newbar 1 episode, Janet 1 episode, Docs Woman 1 episode, Cindy Wang Male Dinner Guest 1 episode, Alan Flower Jane Greene 13 episodes, Fred 3 episodes, Peter Duncan Charlotte Gardyne 1 episode, Jack Thompson Judge Fuller 2 episodes, Laurie Oakes 1 episode, Sarah Kirkwood