After having fled into a monastery 17 years earlier, Jozef happens to return to his family. Real Life Albert Brooks , Can you ab use the mentally handicapped that way? Both ironically and cynically it alludes to cultural practices of re presenting disability and to the patterns of perception that shape the representation and significance of embodied differences. Participants of the Freakstars project are visible in the background, enthusiastically swaying to the music. Freakstars is an apparent social satire that attempts to take off various reality TV programs, most notably the Idol series, and TV in general. However, the title of Freakstars focuses attention not only on the economic aspects of the freak show business but also on the various deviations physical, cognitive, psychological, etc.

As stated in the opening titles and at the end Freakstars is supposed to be a commentary on the problems of the non-disabled people. That such a confrontation might irritate the established conventions and potentially holds a high degree of disturbance is something the spectators of Disabled Theater learn right at the beginning of the piece when the performers, one after the other, come to the front of the stage and stay there for a minute or so to look at the audience. You can listen to German originals who, in just passing by, singing, point out the great problem of the non-disabled. Formulating well-phrased sentences she tells the spectators in a calm and controlled voice that she is from Athens and lives in a nice cottage by the water in the woods. Peppered throughout the film are various commercial breaks or panel type debates. Actors both with and without disabilities perform at Theater Thikwa.

Add the first question. On the contrary, by citing the essential staging strategies of this TV format, he reveals the manipulation used in it. Columbia University Press,p.

This intention is supported by references to other modes of re presentation that are significant for people with a disability. Whether the mentally handicapped people were aware of the fact that they were participating in something that was never intended to be taken seriously is unclear because we are never told. From Difference to In-Difference. The decision is the viewers’.

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In both works, actors barely visible outside the deficit-oriented discourses are put in the limelight. Fillm the unsuspecting mentally handicapped people? Actors, nontheless Sandra Umathum. It has fun, it has heart and it also has relevance, even now that much later as yeah casting shows are still there and Merkel just got elected a 4th time.


Vintage Books,pp. The very title of the film, Freakstarsprovides a tangible link with the 19 th -century freak discourse.

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Can you ab use the mentally handicapped that way? Just how much this is taken for granted becomes clear from the preferred and highly successful casting of disabled roles with non-disabled actors. The Movie Jeff Tremaine These actions do not take place in parallel. Gaping at people, despite its objectifying qualities, is a mode of reception facilitated by both Freakstars and Disabled Fipm.

The axiom of the supposed authenticity of disabled people, on which also many of the reviews of Disabled Theater are greakstars, naturalizes the difference personified in these actors by passing it off as a pre-discursive, quasi-natural and immediate quality.

What will the jury decide? Nevertheless, Christoph Schlingensief at the end of the take leaves the formal staging pattern of the interview behind. Who is really being exploited here?

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And now the bathing fun begins. Consequently, 3000 is criticized is the attempt to discursively naturalize disability so as to make it look like a biological property.

This fifth feature by a well-known Polish actor again excels in its occasionally amiable, sometimes sarcastic humour as it looks at social changes in his country. In this time, a social-worker, with the mission to bring a Polish The total prostitution of the mind in front a huge TV audience at the expense of one’s most important gifts one should hang on to: British Film Institute,pp. Obvious though it is that they have feakstars direct influence on the editing of the film, Schlingensief develops a vision in which actors labeled disabled powerfully occupy this position.

Instead, the materiality of bodies signified as disabled is to be conceived as the productive effect of power and the materialization of the regulatory discourse: To what extent are performers with disabilities able to challenge and subvert the rules of society?


Achim von Paczensky, who plays the director of the film in the film, was at first credited as the director of the whole film, but it is quite clear that this is a genuine Schlingensief film. The statement that the actors were forced to portray disability could be read as a reference to the performative character of identities judged disabled.

Have they been declared incompetent, or ridiculed? The adequate portrayal of people with disabilities is by no means a problem specific to Freakstars or Disabled Theater but has increasingly been the subject of public discussions since the emergence of the disability movement in the s.

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Eventually the final band members give an absolutely appalling stage performance in front of a Berlin audience, arriving in limousines and sporting ridiculous outfits. Using Disabled Theater as the basis for a broad, interdisciplinary discussion of performance and disability, this volume explores the intersections of politics and aesthetics, inclusion and exclusion, and identity and empowerment. It is not merely the disabled actors that Freakstars captures on film.

The disabled are really the heart and soul of it all and you can see how much fun they were having during the shooting. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

Freakstars Directed by Christoph Schlingensief. The internment of the insane in the first phase of industrialization coincided with a moral enchantment of work, which was the effect less of its productivity than of its discursification as an unfailing panacea that would eliminate any form of misery. The film self-reflexively addresses the practices of staging people with disabilities and refers back to the discourses that determine the perception and constitution of deviant bodies.