For those of you supported Intersex Awareness Day in NYC this year – whether in person or in spirit – a sincere thank you to you. John Francis Daley is a regular on “Bones” now. When I first wrote the pilot, I based a lot of the characters on people I knew. I don’t know if the writers intended Angela voice-over to actually scan as deep, but it’s so fucking hilariously teenagey and kinda stoned-sounding that you get the sense they’re winking at you a little: What do you think? She shut down and said, “No, I’ve heard that you just can’t do that. A lot of how people react to what you say is how you present it.

The only reason these suites are considered atypical is because they aren’t so easily shoehorned into one of two acceptable bodily forms – “male” or “female. Haven’t seen Millie in anything either, but I dunno if she counts as a “major” character. Claudia Astorino September 27, at 4: Ken taps on Amy’s window, and apologizes for being an idiot, but now it’s Amy that’s not havin’ it. I read that this morning and was going to come post it! Conversely, if you present it like it’s something to be ashamed about, they’re probably going to internalize that view. That guy’s a wiseass.

He once said he had “some cream of wheat of mushroom soup, in a thermostat. My girlfriend had never seen this until last night. On point one- I agree, but this is about Highschool, right?

Been a while, but perfectly cast, well written, very almost wpisode nuanced and empathetic. How’d he get them to name the band after him?

Linda C is definitely the spunky nurse on ER. I couldn’t really find a way to care about anyone or anything that was happening. Just something to think about. Let me guess, meat?

Full-Frontal Activism: Intersex and Awesome: November

It’s painful to see him go to his guidance counselor and initiate awkward conversations with friends wondering if he’s gay or if Amy’s “really” female, but if this is seriously how intersex was described to you, would you have reacted so differently? I am all for allowing for full sex-and-gender expression, whether individuals wish to use traditional “female” or “male” identifiers, or with other more complex, fluid, and non-static identities. Haverchuk does not have the mohawk anymore.


Although Tricia, similarly isolated, was somehow in the know about this. First, whenever I watch anv deleted scene the weirdest thing happens: I bothered me greatly. The point of the episode boil down to ‘what does it matter?

Freaks And Geeks Episode 8 – Girlfriends And Boyfriends

He seems more like the kind of hippy teacher that would have been around 15 years later when I was in high school. I didn’t watch this show until a few years ago but burned eepisode the DVDs in one weekend.

Millie has a certain cuteness that is of course a bit on the creepy side, and made even more creepy by her role. Samaire and Lizzy Caplan feel like even moreso “hey they were onscreen a little, and people know who they are now” inclusions. Maybe they did that because they knew that the show was going to be cancelled and wanted to at least get their storylines on the screen, but to me it feels rushed and corny in a way that didn’t fit with the previous episodes.

But he talks about getting into American Beauty in college. Welcome back for another round of dissecting how popular gweks perceives intersex individuals, and how closely these perceptions track reality. Just got into this months ago and am trying to pace myself.

Freaks & Geeks

I don’t know how I never watched this until now but I got the box set for my birthday oh man it’s so great. There is definitely an awkward distance between Segel and Sarah Marshall Cardellini.

I don’t think you and I are going to agree re: I don’t think that this is an excuse not to, but I think that anxiety over being unknowledgeable informs why intersex is still largely unheard of, misconstrued, and unaccepted. Martin Starr deserves more attention. That kid was undoubtedly my favorite of the geeks although Haverchuk stood out from around the time the prank calls started — which is also around the time my complaint that the geeks blended together and weren’t veph subsided.

It is understandable that she is young and would be prone to sudden turns, but I still felt like it was cheap and not faithful to epispde way the story had been developing. Which means the character would have been 18 in I haven’t seen the entire series, but from what I have seen, it’s fantastic, and easy to see why it’s both critically acclaimed and bemoaned for having been cancelled after the first season.


Wow, that dinner smells good. I found the conclusion to this angle, to be geuniely dreaks. Rosso sings “I’m Eighteen” is that during the final version of an episode or was that a deleted scene? One must stop epissode treatment in order to end lasting emotional and psychological harm.

Has this happened to anyone else? Also, I hate Ben Stiller.

Freaks And Geeks Episode 8 – Girlfriends And Boyfriends – video dailymotion

Unfortunately, whatever hype may rightfully be attributed to this show ultimately can’t be applied to Episode 17 – “The Little Things. I really wasn’t expecting that hermaprodite bit, that was an interesting twist. I figured out all my personal issues by the age of People like to talk authoritatively about things because it makes them feel smart and knowledgeable.

I saw the one last night where the gym teacher starts dating Bill’s mom. Yes, that’s was a pretty significant oversight on my part. Undeclared is aight, no better or worse than a lot of 1 season sitcoms full of people who went on to bigger and better things. And speaking of Bill, he and Kim were that show’s secret weapons. Did Amy get any time of Ken making it up to her, trying to do damage control, etc or was she expected to be happy that he deigned to date someone like her? Being an academic nerd and a cultural nerd if you will are two very different things.

Bill Haverchuk, I love you. I can’t relate to Sam because I’m too smart, too literate, too urban. It’s a bad system.