Aug 8, at All discussion has been moved to the comments section of our articles, so start clicking on the topics you’re interested in to dive back into the conversation! Find More Posts by TheBang. If not linked, please follow the instructions to link your accounts. Originally Posted by Zu Nim FandangoNow doesn’t do much in the way of code redemptions so I don’t think they had many options on where to direct people. Coz , Jun 15, Flixster’s final act User Name Remember Me?

Coz , Aug 8, The Northern Shires of England. Find More Posts by b2net. If UV doesn’t go under completely, I’d imagine one of the services will introduce something that intrudes on the movies eventually like Netflix’s current interface does yet another reason not to collect movies this way. Star Trek Beyond removed from Ultraviolet?! I’ll just let my friends and family who use it in the main get frustrated about it all!!!!! For further information and to start the process of signing up or logging in to your Movies Anywhere account and linking it to your Vudu account, go here. How do I link my UltraViolet library to my Vudu account, or verify that it is linked?

Video streaming, however, is unavailable. If you have already linked your Vudu account to your UltraViolet library, simply proceed to watch the movies and p,ayback shows that you had in your collection on Vudu. Anyways, I’ve given up my single provider dream – having also stuck the TalkTalk app on the iPad for the 3 unplayable Flixster movies, picking up Ghost in the Shell this week and seeing that digital copy being an iTunes only version made me suck it up and go through my disc collection for all the iTunes only codes and voila!


Originally Posted by brooks Enter at your own risk Get the Android Authority app on. It is pathetic that some elements persist with Region Coding by another name.

You can merge the UltraViolet libraries or accounts via the UltraViolet website. Im a movie fan. All times are GMT.

Flixster / Flixstervideo – no longer providing playback or code redemption after 8/28

At the “Account Information” page, scroll down to “UltraViolet Library” and you can see if your UltraViolet library and Vudu accounts are currently linked or not. It’s probably buried in the fine print, too.

I did have them once digitally and now they’re gone. How do I redeem my valid digital codes for video content?

Originally Posted by Cranston So after getting fobbed off by UV ‘in order to watch the films, you must go to a relevant provider ManmcJul 28, We apologize for the extended delay. There’s an expectation, a not unreasonable one, that the things we pay for, digital or otherwise, are ours not including Netflix, Spotify, etc. ALFFeb 27, Send a private message to AnemicOak. Granted, I never really used them because their selection sucked, but I did have a few things there including a 30 minute Dark Knight Rises documentary and some content from the old Target service that went under.

I’ve emailed Paramount asking for a Google play code to replace it but right now it appears those of us in Canada at least may not longer have access to bought and paid for digital copies. What will happen to current issues i. Balok’s Decoy in Baltimore, MD. When I went to download Beyond it wouldn’t let me.

I guess I lose those completely? Flixster in the U. Edit – working now. If Flixster was owned by Fandango, then flixstwr would they direct customers towards Vudu? Like x 1 List. Your nickname or email address: Jul MA collection: Plqyback read up on the Vudu help forums, it appears that every once in a while Vudu have a ‘purge’ of non-US accounts – this is what appears to have happened to me.


They’re only yours insofar as the seller maintains licensing fees and whatnot, and that you have both a device to access that media and whatever app is required to play that media on that device. Thanks x 1 List. Aug 4, at 7: What devices will I be able to view my movies on or after August 28, ? Send a private message to movoe. Jul 28, at 5: Flixster never had non-UV content so they might be assuming there’s nothing to transfer.

Lancelot and Amaris like this. La La Land still unavailable. Send a private message to twobelowpar.

Star Trek Beyond removed from Ultraviolet?! But we paid for the digital copy | The Trek BBS

Virginia, USA Blu-ray collection: Use the same Ultraviolet Account that is linked to your Flixster Video account. Last edited by IDrinkMolson; at I don’t think I’ve ever done a Flixster redeem. Seriously, if these studios really want an all digital future this is EXACTY the kind of crap that cannot happen, otherwise it will just send people scurrying back to their discs.

I thought this was yet another Flixster issue, but checking at myuv. New WB releases have code sheets that don’t even reference UV, now calling them digital copies. Life of Pi Jul 28, at 6: Find More Posts by Trevor.