The film is shot in gorgeous cinematography. She is also exceptionally lovely to watch on the big screen. Film ini dikemas dalam film cerita yang menghibur seperti film-film sebelumnya seperti Laskar Pelangi dan Sang Pemimpi. Bungo still wanted to learn and Butet wanted to help him too, but when traditional and modern values started to collide, some tough choices must be made. Despite the challenges, Butet is so inspired by Bungo’s intelligence and eagerness to learn that she makes every effort to keep teaching him. Friendship and principles are put to a test in the circle of Jakarta’s social elite which can be as turbulent as the city’s slums. Unbeknownst to her, Bungo has actually been observing Butet teach the upstream children for some time.

In a time and cultural background where polygamy is still widely accepted, Athirah struggles alone with the hurt and humiliation. Five best friends try to find out what true friendship is by climbing Mount Semeru, the highest peak in Java. Saya suka cerita film, karekter nama Butet dan Orang Rimba, tetapi saya tidak suka Butan karena dia tidak berpikir tentang Orang Rimba, hanya bisnisnya dan uang. This will mean more money for Sokola through the tiny amount paid in royalty each time it is borrowed from the library. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Privacy Policy Terms of Service. But her good intentions don’t get the blessing from both her superior at the agency where she works and from Bungo’s clan people, who still believe that learning to read and write can bring calamities upon them.

Nyungsang Bungo always carries rolls of agreement letter of agreement of exploitation of their customary land which has been stamped by Tumenggung as head of rkmba.

Riimba August 25, Dia tahu rimba adalah penting untuk mereka, jadi dia membantu mereka meneruskan hidup di rimba. Tells us about a girl named Larasati, trying to fulfill her deceased mother’s last wish to deliver a box filled with letters from her past to an old guy lived in Prague. Another protagonist in the movie is Nyungsang Bungo, who plays himself as a young Orang Rimba man who thirsts for education. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.


Nama kedua sineas itu sudah cukup mewakili kualitas film yang akan tayang perdana pada 21 November mendatang. Makeshift classroom in the forest. However, it did not last long, the beliefs or customs of the Tribe Anak Dalam who were against foreign things from outside believed that Pencil’s pencils, books, and activities would bring disaster to them.

The movie, directed by acclaimed Indonesian director Riri Rizawas released nationally throughout Indonesian cinemas in November Mudah-mudahan kedepannya blog ini dapat memberikan kontribusi serta informasi bermanfaat bagi Anda semua. Butet Manurung Prisia Nasution must trekked through the densely wooded area of to reach the living area of the nomadic tribe Orang Rimba, on the upstream of Makekal river.

Bungo still wanted to learn and Butet wanted to help him too, but when traditional and modern values started to collide, some tough choices must be made. In Jambi, SOKOLA developed an alternative education program that includes self advocacy, in order to meet the challenges of deforestation and outside encroachment. Living with intent, social engagement, learning, growing, giving.

Saya menonton film itu di bioskop dengan sekolah saya. Search for ” Sokola Rimba ” on Amazon. Thanks for the comment!

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I greatly enjoyed the film and was captivated throughout the duration. This time, I will review a short story from sokol movie Sokola Rimba.

A Copy of My Mind Athirah’s life is shattered when another woman enters her husband’s life.

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Saya suka cerita film dan saya suka karekter nama Butet and saya suka Orang Rimba, tetapi saya tidak suka Butan karena Butan tidak berpikir tentang Orang Rimba, hanya bisnisnya dan uang. The product is already in the wishlist!


Sinopsis Film Sokola Rimba. Free 1 pack postcard ‘Semau Beta’ untuk 10 pembeli pertama Pengiriman paling lambat 23 Desember With a background of social differences and life struggles, that leads Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Karakter saya favorit adalah Doctor Sojola karena percaya komunitas salah tentang orang rimba dan orang rimba lebih cerdas mengerti lingkungan.

Learn more More Like This. This makes Butet want to expand his work area downstream, to other jungle associations of the tribe in which Bungo originated. rumba

Sokola Rimba

Dalam filmnya Sokola Rimba saya merasa sangat senang untuk orang rimba karena mereka belajar membaca, menulis dan nomor-nomor tambahkan. Privacy Policy Terms of Service. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Letters from Prague Be the first to contribute! Bungo who was then able to aokola to confuse the people who want to seek approval of the adat chairman because Bungo can read and understand the contents of the letter of agreement they offer. The peak when Tumenggung died and Bungo was forcibly picked up by members of his group who believe the departure of Tumenggung due to the arrival soko,a activities of Butet. You are commenting using your WordPress. InSOKOLA has reached a dozen communities across Indonesia, bringing literacy to more than 10, individuals, both children and adults.