While Gary’s boss knows that their enemy which is Carlo is the brother of Gary and will not stop until he will be dead. But then again, Mara’s death remains to be questionable. Clara asks Mara to take back what she have told that Gary is just using Clara for his protection. Susan, Alvira and Amante will tell Mara now and for this she can not accept the truth also. Susan David Mylene Dizon saw Lupe who is very stressed. Mara did not want Christian to be in Isla Verde anymore because she knows that it will be dangerous for him already.

Since then both Mara and Clara does not belong to the families they are living in right now. And how will Alvira react that Mara and Christian stayed and was locked in a room? Create your page here. Susan then tells Clara not to speak out anymore and just admit the things that she have done. Clara then asked Alvira on when did she knew that Mara is there. She has dubbed for around movies and acted in more than 25 movies. But the Del Valle will not allow him to have her. So she will do her best to make out of it as a daughter to Alvira.

Clara saw Christian that was hurt a lot and brought him to the clinic. Susan knew that Mara is not the one they have buried and is believing that Mara is just around.

Even without the consent of Clara’s father Amante to use money for her to have the hair sample of Gary be DNA tested, she has no escape for Amante will knew about this. Abu Salim, a police officer from Mangalore was selected for the negative role while Vanitha, daughter of actor Vijayakumar was selected to play an important character.

Amante and Mamang is very happy that finally Mara is with them safe and protected by them.

FTV SCTV – Gak Ada Apa-Apa Dengan Lita

Going back with Clara, she is so disturbed with her grandmother – Lupe David Gina Pareno frv so noisy. With Derrick’s new problem, Carlotta Gonzales is so mad at him. Clara told Mara that she will not stop until Mara’s life will be like hell. When Clara kandzng to bring Fil, to the hospital, Mara got her chance in escaping. Namun Mara merupakan seorang gadis manis yang bijak sementara seorang lagi yang bernama Clara dibesarkan dalam sebuah keluarga yang kaya. Bikers in Love 2 FTV: Alvira then tells Clara that she don’t have the right to insult her and Amante with that because they have done everything for Clara.


Robles told Alvira that he don’t want Mara as the image model anymore and is asking to look for another person urgently.

Alvira disagreed to Gary’s invitation and have told him that she is tired to go out and have fun. Clara juga adalah gadis yang juga bijak, manis tetapi manja. And with Gary Jhong Hilariohe is now taking revenge to Lover boy who is the one that killed his brother Carlo.

With this, will the Del Valle family know to where Gary brought Alvira? Cinta Punya Pilihan Sinema: Clara got so mad and hurriedly went back home where her mother – Susan David Mylen Dizon is there waiting for her.

FTV SCTV – Gak Ada Apa-Apa Dengan Lita –

Clara who can not accept the fact that she is now at Gary David’s Jhong Hilarioshe is still planning to go back to the Del Valle family. So Clara then just asked Gary David’s Jhong Hilario consent for her to go with her friends having a vacation.

When they went to the house where Gary hides Alvira, Alvira suddenly went out telling them that Clara is still with Gary. Mara then stopped and insulted them both since they argued because of their non – sense thoughts.

With Christian who courted Mara, Clara saw it and was hurt. Clara then hurriedly grab her purse and Susan asked her to where she will be going. Gary was there when Desiree came and Gary wondered why Clara is not with her.

And Mara, having an unloving father and grandmother, becomes a down-to-earth, intelligent girl that works hard to pay for her private school. Susan tells Gary not to hurt her anymore because she is pregnant and hence Gary did not listen to Susan, Mayor Nathaniel stopped Gary.


Ftv Ketemu Jodoh Di Kandang Sapi Kadek Devi Dimas Aditya

Gary then tells Alvira how happy they are in the past with their relationship. Mara did not want to go home and rest because she is afraid that her parents will be put to danger again.

With this, Gary warned Clara about her unruly and disrespectful act. And how will Alvira react that Mara and Christian stayed and was locked in a room?

When they went home, Clara gave some insulting words towards her father – Gary. Christian on the other hand was so worried about Mara in which she is going to loose her scholarship and explained to her on why he admitted that he is the one who got the answer key. Gary David Jhong Hilario saw an opportunity to make Alvira close to him since Alvira is looking for someone ektemu can also understand her.

Mara cried for she cannot go to a Jodoj camping activity at school because of family problem.

Gary then went to see Alvira and confront her towards what recently happened. So Mara and her mother left the Del Valle’s house and find saip new place to stay.

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She has a sai. How will Clara do to her power to get back her life whom she believed that Mara stole from her? With this Clara was envious seeing that Christian was also there when Mara arrived.

Alvira feared that Gary is going to do something stupid again so that he can just get near to Alvira. But Clara’s father offered D to be a substitute father to be able for her to attend the activity.