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Judge and Magistrate T. Rob ir Lukin, I -q. Lieutenant Colonel Sir J. Judge and Magistrate F. Edward Grant, 62 do. Acting RigiJer H, T. Assistant to the Commercial Resident and Op.

مسلسل دموع جنات الحلقة 34 مترجمة -القسم الاول

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May 1, Major Tboa. Firtl Lord of the Treasury. Baron Von Oaten 16 Dr. Morin o Vhi lean Acting Judge and Mneistra e.

Officiating ditto and Register K. James, Under the Magistrate of Bundlecund, 28th Aug. Extra ditto Mr D, Vertue D at a via. Head Assistant J G. Civil Auditor W r. Mav 13, 25 G. List of the Shipping of the Fort of Calcutta. William Stanley Clarke, Esq.



Colonel Martin W title. S- i ten tenants. July 11, do Mathew Smith Alev A G H Vaibcll.

On leave to the Cape Bolt. Executive Officer Norman GrantPIul ii 30 do. Session Clerk Wilium 1 ucker Gardner fobnaion 26do 30 do Jolin Pordtce An. AV in, Matthew Siu tli Son profil dko3 25 ans nador aruit Maroc. If K enneth Mi Ivi.

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Every Plaintiff who puts a Defendant into Jail in execution is requited to lodge with the keeper of the Jail, or his Deputy, within thiee days after the commitment, Diet money for one month, at the rate of one anna and six pie per day. A unit ant F.


James Hivett Carnac, Esq.

Examinerand Receiver Richard Vaughan, Esq. Lwarf John 0 Reilh Second Officer with Scmdiah’s Contingent. Standing Counsel Richard Marnell, Esq With these views, the following Rules have been established, which it is hoped, will afford relief to the public, without materially affecting the just rights of the Chaplains, viz.

U do GiO W, Moseley, 38 do. Hunter Hftilei, 10 Can.