Ibrahim Celikkol as Hasan of Ulubat. Making history may require only bravado, but making historical movies demands subtlety as well. Now, Mehmet succeeds to the throne again and is even more powerful. The funny little details of everyday life; the simple things that makes us laugh. Full Cast and Crew. In his later life, he joins a Muslim army to conquer Constantinople in s, but he dies in Constantinople and is buried there

Frequently Asked Questions Q: After braving internal and external enemies, he decides to complete what he was destined to do – conquer Constantinople. Although the film was in theaters months ago, i watched it yesterday. He often confronts with Halil Pasha urging to live in peace with Byzantine Empire. I read nearly all the reviews about it and saw some comments that the words of Hz Muhammed were evaluated as “prophecy” by a lot of users in fact the words “what a good commander who conquers Istanbul” are told to Ebu-Eyyub El Ensari who sieges the city in A. Conquest 7. Ibrahim Celikkol as Hasan of Ulubat. To me 6th of October, the liberation day of Istanbul has at least the meaning of 29th of May, now that is called propaganda.

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He is tasked by Sultan Mehmed II to make three furnaces. He made Sultan Murat inherit the throne again in anticipation of the possibility of crusaders occupying Ottoman territories by taking advantage of Mehmet. The Chaos Class Some sources say the wound was caused by a crossbow bolt.

Apr 6, Full Review…. The Great Palace was not in use at the time. In reality, Mehmet’s tunnellers were orthodox Christians drafted from Serbia’s silver mines.

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Some in his party are now demanding it be shown in schools as an antidote to Hollywood’s “crusader mentality” — not that the film is itself entirely innocent of historical licence, for example its portrayal of the last Byzantine emperor, Constantine XI, as a hedonist he was mostly celibate ; the city’s magnificence it had been comprehensively sacked by western crusaders in ; and the fact that there were far more Greeks fighting for the sultan than defending the walls.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. But Constantine is a pragmatist and overrules his own advisors when it becomes apparent that Mehmet is gearing up to take a run at Constantinople. What next, he quipped, a film called Conquest to celebrate the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, or Extinctionthe Armenian genocide?

An Ottoman military commander. Fetih Theatrical release poster. Mehmet is exiled to a distant outpost, setting up a lifetime of father issues, but spends the intervening years wisely, transforming himself—with considerable help from sword-master Hasan Ibrahim Celikkol —into the kind of man capable of taking his father’s place.

Film Review: Fetih 1453

Log in with Facebook. Giovanni Giustiniani Erden Alkan By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The story shifts summarg to the 15th century. After the military expedition, on the return journey, a group of janissaries confront the state tent and ask for payment.

‘Fetih 1453’ continues to anger in Europe

None of which is lost on the Pope and his cardinals, who are as much men of the world—a turbulent, fractious world where might makes right—as they are men of the cloth.

Mehmet was suspended from the throne and sent to the Sanjak of Saruhan. Already have an account? He must civilize people from past to reach today. Views Read Edit View history.

Was sumnary review helpful to you? But it is rip-snorting entertainment on a grand scale, and from a perspective you’re unlikely to see in a Hollywood movie: Fetiha turbans-and-testosterone epic, has not just smashed all Turkish box office records with its all-action, CGI retelling of Mehmet II’s capture of the old Byzantine capital, Constantinople, it is being hailed as a reaffirmation that a resurgent Turkey still has world-conquering blood in its veins.

A comic war sumary nitwits follows.


She said there was huge interest in Ottoman history precisely because it was taught so little and so badly. The Best Scores of Movies. The last Megas Doux of Constantinople.

Yes No Report this. Story of man Turkish task force who must defend a relay station. In response, Sultan Mehmet sends out enthronements. In this film, when he dies, Mehmed orders Byzantine noblemen to bury him in Christian tradition. The telescope was not invented in the West until the earlys. There are numerous historical inaccuracies in the film. Constantine needs help and makes overtures to the Vatican, even though he knows that accepting Rome’s assistance will mean submitting to its authority.

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User Polls Which film with a number digit in the title do you like best? After braving internal and external enemies, he decides to complete what he was destined to do – conquer Constantinople. Yildirim said the film revealed a telling contradiction in the way Turks see themselves: A Biography of the Prophet Muhammad: Another pronounced that his byline photo betrayed “Armenian features”.

By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Policiesand to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. At the outset, Mehmet decides that he should live in peace with contiguous countries until he makes the preparations for his campaign.

Sultan Mehmet entered the city after one day of looting of the army. Constantine demands heavy appropriations, trying to use to his advantage his possession of the captive Prince Orhan.

I think it is not a propaganda of Islam. Apr 26, Rating: Orban refuses Notaras’ demand to design a cannon for Byzantium. Skip to main content.