Kerim is living a hard situation.. I was with him a moment ago. So what I see is what it is. What is the relation Kerim: He gave up on his own life. I always saw those eyes which looked at my mother with anger. Everyone was so excited up until yesterday because Kerim Abi was getting out. Other than them getting punished I don’t want anything else.

And when FG told Kerim to come with her to therapy he kept saying he has no money, no work, and nothing to sell to get money and he asked her do u want me to ask fahrettin bey for money so she said no i didn’t say this so he told her let me solve my problems my own way then and left that’s when she was shocked and told abla he’s taking his anger out on me. Wish you opened and read them. You could have learn the truth long ago. I mean, you’re leaving the hospital this late on a night you aren’t on duty. Everybody must be on the phone to reach them now. I’ll just change and head out.

Now, they’ll show even more attention to this tape, won’t they? He doesn’t work here anymore. Don’t do anything wrong.

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It’s better if we stay here tonight. Your love is so big that whatever he does you cannot see the truth nor what he does and you cannot forget him nor turn your back on him. We’re also following the case. You still love him. Or to the owner of the empty seat?


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So that we can pick up the life where we left off. My mother like you never stopped loving her past love. They can’t find her.

Turaner’s secretary has spoken. When I was taking Murat to school I looked around there as well. They better not publish it anywhere.

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That’s all I know. I see and feel alright. Subtitles Comments 0 Revisions 5 Edit Subtitles.

They didn’t want your mother to marry a poor and lonely guy like him. I mean i was mor corageous. I told them about the fate is waiting for them, if they kept messing with my son. It’s about her, she had the rights to know. She won’t get caught. YOu are drunk and that is why you are speaking like that. Her father gave her to him to separate 455 from the man she loved because englih was a lonely jobless man she even ran away to her aunt but her family brought her back to wear the rings and she accepted for her mother’s sake.

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Why did you have to drink so subtitlee He’s with his family now. Don’t give away anything. Maybe Meltem will need us. One can expect anything from you.


And when I return, I find everything screwed up. He met her in a wedding of a relative loved her at first sight said i’m going to marry this girl, tried to speak to her but she ran away so he asked about her and went to propose to her parent.

The scene when FG brought him breakfast after they came back he told her even your voice tone changed whilst speaking with me after the letter appeared did i have to be in this to treat me good you engish almost confessed your love to me to make me feel better so what do u think her reply was she denied it she said when did I say this, I never skbtitles something like that that’s when kerim left.

That man did exactly the same to my mother as I did to you. And you, calm down. You really think that I would ask help from a stranger? He wants you to pay your debt first. See our usage guide for more details on embedding. Where did this come from now?