That is one brilliant writing there!!!!! This drama fully shows how much potential he has as an actor. Also, does she ever want to work with J Fashion again? She and the boys are wearing party hats, and Yoo-ah has prepared a feast in addition to the skates she bought with the money from her part-time job. Furious, she tells him never to touch her again. Of course this is when Soo-young arrives with the documents.

He wanted a big wallop badly. What does that have to do with you? Jin-woo waits for her with his car and offers to drive her to Suwon, saying he would offer a ride to any employee. Who needs them, Ga-young? He will just mistreat her like he already did. I wouldn’t dare suggest that he be redeemed just in time for Soo Young’s affection though the writers are so good, I could visualize a scenario of that happening and me being okay with it More what I’m hoping for is a redemption of character, where he steps out from of his father’s shadow, stops repeating his dad’s mistakes and takes control of his own life. I even found his high school vid where he was singing Cisco’s Incomplete with his schoolmate it was good. And that was a pretty big offering.

And goodness did he look sad. Jin-woo stays in the parking lot, holding a hand to his cheek. I really need more on his backstory:. This is the perfect epdraja for Jin Woo and his behavior. Jin-woo is about to click on the tantalizing email from Hyung-seok, when the bumbling Team Leader Kim walks into the office. Sonny July 21, at 9: Not as a byproduct of passion, or overactive hormones, or as an unfortunate-but-inevitable-aspect-of-being-in-love, but as a scary and pathetic attempt to gain power over another human being.


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I think next episode is going to be a real turning point for Saavy. He’s got the bruised face from the fight with Jin Woo. I thought after Dream High 2 there could not be another drama that could reached that level of stagnant character and plot development.

And his mother is someone that he has to look after rather then the other way fawhion. It’s too early in the show for Min Seok to be discovered. Email required Address never made public.

He just couldn’t take being ignored anymore. So I was epksode happy they resurrected that outfit on the date.

Watch ‘ Fashion King ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. Neither is Young Gul, who spots her as he walks out of his office. Jae-hyuk chaebol struts into a design meeting and is complimented on his dress.

She tries to explain she lived with that woman for ten years feeling like that. As for Jin Woo, while I’m definitely interested to see how his character will develop, I also can’t see any sort of romance between him and Soo Young at this wpdrama. They head off to a lunch of pork and lettuce wrap where he hands her a bag. She might have run away After hearing it, but I do think she would have heard him out.

Hand in hand, our lovebirds stroll down a tree-lined avenue. She likes it, 15, 14, not dating episoxe and right when you are very lucky.

Fashion King Episode 10

How cruel is that considering what GY has done for him? Now that’s good writing.

He suggests all of the other women in the office as alternatives, even Soo-young. I see that you’re 19, but can you please write with better spelling for those of us who aren’t? She just wanted to.


Totally off topic, but whenever I want to laugh I watch those excerpts out of the Mamma Mia episode James July 20, at 8: In a random bout of slapstick, he opens the door on her face and she falls over. And to add, Min-Seok wearing a Mickey Mouse watch! I feel your pain, waiting is so hard. Camille July 19, at I thought it was a lovely kidlike first date for two people at the same maturity level at heart.

As for his daddy, I don’t actually hate him because I don’t know much about him other than he’s a failure as a father to Jin Woo. Then again, they say that misery loves company, and it looks to me like Min-seok and Jin-woo are both going to be pretty miserable for a while.

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Ronan farrowverified account is an animated gif created for the masked lover ep engsub is complete engsub: His vision fades to black. I’m not much for sharing. That is one brilliant writing there!!!!!

I’m also positive he was already planning on trying to tell her again and most definitely would have if he hadn’t got caught at the end. That’s what makes this couple feel so real–they deal with the small stuff. I’m totally on board for bromance all over the place.