A bunch of people are going to this practitioner of voodoo, in order to make someone fall in love with them. The opening kill never looked better! Andy Milligan is a filmmaker who has led a life far more interesting than his body of work. There are friends to meet up with, and wares from both DiabolikDVD. The first Horrorthon took place in to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Exhumed Films. I doubt very much that Demon Knight’s brother, Bordello of Blood, would’ve gone over as swimmingly.

If what I had to say has convinced you to attend the marathon, click here for more information. The crowd seemed to be pumped for it, which surprised me, because I never considered this to be a fan favorite. Then again it’s a Larry Cohen film so that goes without saying! All I know is a new friend of mine assisted me in getting my buzz on, and as soon as I sat down in the dark, hot theater, and let my new-found buzz wash over my body, Texas Chainsaw Massacre III began to play, and it no longer mattered to me that I was swimming in ass sweat. Welcome to My Nightmare seemed to be a slog for a large portion of the crowd in part because it was the film that would not end. First time seeing this one and I’m happy to say this helped end things on a high note because after movies 11 through 14 I didn’t think I was staying until the end! Robert Skvarla Robert is a contributing writer at Cinedelphia who is finishing up his undergrad at Temple University in Strategic Communication.

It shares more with that franchise horrirthon it does with Prom Night. ExhumedFilms horrorthon rule Remember the snow from last year? The look, the texture, of film is really important. What was this movie?

And yes, George Romero, he of zombie fame, directed it. And it sent a few of my friends home early, which was a shame, because it meant they would miss the wonderfulness that was screening next.


I am an enthusiastic supporter so it was not a exhumef sell for me.

Exhumed Films 24 Hour Horrorthon VII (2013)

After getting inside I picked a seat way up top on the far right. Josh had a table set up there. Film organizations in the United States Culture of Philadelphia.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I love this movie. I was down in the front row, best spot in the house to view everything. Demon Exhumee Exhumed Description: Dead Easya New Orleans-set zombie film. Functioning as an Old Dark House picture, the film is a horrorthpn menagerie of a mad scientist and his minions, college co-eds, and the local police all converging on an old mansion.

Also thanks to Justin for clearing up the situation on the fire alarm. My second favorite film of the Horrorthon.

Kingdom of the Spiders played very well to the 24 Hour Horror-Thon crowd, despite the fact that it screened after most of us had been awake for something like 28 straight hours. This movie still has legs, and I think an accessible release of it could turn a whole new generation of horror fans onto this underrated and overlooked classic.


If you are unfamiliar with Exhumed Filmsshame on you. Their first screening took place on October 24, at the Harwan Theatre in Southern New Jersey and consisted of a double feature of films by Italian director Lucio Fulci: The movie of the night and maybe my favorite film I have ever seen at Exhumed, except for last year’s “Night Warnings” aka “Nightmaremaker”.

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Exhumed Films

I got there horeorthon 10 AM and it was already a packed house of people waiting to get inside the theater! Exhumed seemed like they wanted to unite those two points with the inclusion of Welcome to My Nightmarean Alice Cooper concert film.


Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. By no means the worst slasher film, but there is nothing noteworthy about it either.

‎Exhumed Films’ Hour Horror-thon VII (’13), a list of films by Dan Santelli • Letterboxd

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You have around 15 minutes in between each movie, to smoke, get food or drinks, or mingle. The lineup for each year’s Horrorthon is a closely guarded secret.

With 4 people in the car, a ton of stops are going to be made. I horrortnon keep to myself at things like this, but everybody was really easy to interact with. A sheet and a ballot are given out before you enter the theater, with clues for each movie.

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‎Exhumed Films 24 Hour Horrorthon VII (), a list of films by Missy Mazzaferro • Letterboxd

I will admit my preference for Tales From the Crypt leans more towards the TV show as opposed to the three feature films, but Exhumed exumed entirely on point in their assessment of Demon Knight as weird, fun and underrated. All of the camp that worked so well in the first is upped to the max and it simply doesn’t work.

Below are the 15 movies and 1 short that played including the hints given for each film for the “guess the most films correct” contest and some thoughts on each one:. So this was my third “Horror-thon” in a row making it until the end.