But, tthey are really losing. Gemena- Ethiopian Drama Part 50 5 years ago. They threaten the Tigrayans the neftegnas will come and oppress. So, the vicious circle will one day lead to the failure of the oppressive government. After the death of the main dictator, the reality is more exposed. Ethiopians don’t insult the dead.

Fikirina Selam hulun yashenifal. Gemena 2, Part 50 – Ethiopian Drama 4 years ago. I believe you can HEAR. Kifu binasib kifu yagegnenal. They are trying to get maximum benefit from the dead Prime Minister. The second and the most important one is the hiddden principles and laws. ETV gedel geba,sew eyadamexeh meslohal. Meles Zenawi May God bless your soul.

If we work harder and harder,not as usual,that we develope.

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The Weyanes are very foolish and do not know shame. Meles was unique person you who said Amara, you can not represent the Amara people, Amara people was under pressure and under series problem beforeMeles was one eye of ethiopia and amara people but he was against the few draama leaders.


Monday, 17 December at Tmkhtenguch yefelegutn yahl ychihu, egna gn bemeles rae eytemeran adisitwan Ethiopia ewn enadergalen. Tera’Ena yaltareme, chewanet Yegodelew, Yebozene asteyayet lemin yirebal. But now he is no more there and I missed some of his bold, fearless and arrogant speeches and smile!

Gemena- Ethiopian Drama Part 58 5 years ago. Wednesday, 8 August at No one nation help fund to Ethiopian new damp construction.

Gemena 2 – Episode 2- Part 57 | Amharic Movies | Ethiogrio

Meles you were really Genious! Hule tera neger eyaweran eskemeche inenur? Both the ruling party and the so-called ‘oppostion parties’ have their own hidden agenda. Techachilen endenorn, techachilen iniketil. Gemena 2 Drama Part 63 5 years ago.

Thursday, 23 August at Tuesday, 14 May at Saturday, 15 September at Gemena 2, Part 50 – Ethiopian Drama 4 years ago. Weyanewoch endezih beamara hizb lay endeqeledu ayqerum. Otherwise, he will pay a heavy sacrifice. It is true that few individuals become millionaire and grown so fast whereas majorities are going down.

Ethiopians don’t insult the dead. We should put hatred and conflicts aside and be united to progress forward. Do you know that?


Gemena 2 – Episode 2- Part 56

Everything is not vrama it seems. The people of Ethiopia should own the land; every state should own its land, labor and means of production. He was a great person wz z charisma to lead a divided and poor state like Ethiopia!!! If you want to change your country to be a better place Ethiopian Drama Part 60 5 years ago.

At the same time it is also good to point out what is not right.

Gemena 2 : Episode 53 – Ethiopian Drama : Clip 1 of 2

The ETV requests opinion on sew lesew drama. Rasachihun kenezih metfo bahiryat tebiku.

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