Mindcrack Server – Episode Discovering a chicken dispenser trick from Baj Finding generikb’s RV while continuing to excavate his base Building the second ring and starting the third Enchanting and repairing at the Ender Ender Discussing anvils and game balance. Zisteau modified Etho’s Nether rail to drop him into a pit decorated with American flags. Using Zisteau’s wheat farm and trying Pakratt’s breadmaker Trading with adlingtont experimenting with making a rail line based wheat farm Traveling to Arkas’ mothership and exploring the subway Opening his nether track. Looking at new buildings around spawn Enlarging the Nether Hub portal and making a quarts detail Discussing his quartz trip. Working on the storage area in his jungle base Showing the state of the mob farm Working on the crumbling tower game with Beef. King of the Ladder”.

Building an underwater village near Beef’s jungle. Exploring an intersecting ravine Starting to make Wither spawning pads Talking about the server being down due to Hurricane Sandy. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. This page has been accessed 38, times. MC Gamer’s underwater palace flooded with water and filled with boats. Death Game Failures” Etho: Tunnel To New Lands”. See Slaying of the Wither.

Etho MindCrack SMP – Episode 167: Death Games Building

Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. The playlist for this series is “Etho Mindcrack – Season 1”. Setting up a pyrotechnics system at the arena. Views Read Edit View history. Cleaning up AnderZEL’s redstone prank at the blaze spawner. See Slaying of the Wither. See Slaying the WitherBdoubleO, generikb.

Placing lots of workbenches for Etho’s Vault at the Death Games construction site. Etho’s cave turned into the Nether and filled with random items. Slaying of the Wither. Death games, a “prank prelude” to repay them for killing Pause. Trying to untangle all the tracks affected by the Nether hub expansion Working with Baj and BdoubleO to design the shops. Making a portal at Ethopia that toggles between two locations.

Working on building a mushroom farm nether track to his cave. Showing redstone work on the arena Discussing the layout and materiality of the pvp area with BdoubleO Reviewing the first purchase at his shop. This page has been accessed 18, times. Giving people cats and taking 1 diamond per cat for his Cat Home Delivery Service. Making an ice farm in the spawn village Extending the rail to the blaze farm and decoraing it with ice Discussing his philosophy on emeralds and paper farming Firing Nebris from Sheryl and a vertical canon.


Noise machines above the bedrock ceiling of the Nether. Depositing crafting tables into the vault Showing his Death Games building Collecting glowstone, checking out generikb’s slime farm Clips from building a spider trap with Anderz, Doc and Seth. Harvesting Ice at SethBling’s ice farm Revealing the facade of his tree farm and discussing the logo on the front Fixing the redstone for the Death Games and starting to rework the equipment system.

Finding MC has provided the requested diamonds and left a pumpkin smiley Working on the minxcrack area at his jungle base Harvesting jungle trees and talking about Minecraft music. This page was last modified on 7 Julyat King of the Ladder New video intro.

Starting a pet store at the Spawn village.

Building colored wool flags on the walls of Etho’s jungle base in the style of Nebris’ base. Looking at the additions to the Nether hub and making a request of mcgamer Commenting on Generik’s missing RV and talking about the Feed the Beast server Working on the storage area around the beacons at his jungle base.

MC Gamer’s underwater palace flooded with water and filled with boats. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in.

Discussing left hand controls Practicing aiming in melee combat, discussing advantages of low ground and blocking Practicing archery and discussing strategies of attacking and evading and ways to get bows Testing their PVP skills against each other. Rigged Dispensers filled with potions with negative effects are hidden throughout the place.

Explaining the state of the trivia machine Testing the game with Beef and Seinfeld questions. Etho’s pet shop covered in webs and guarded by the spider from Charlotte’s Web.

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The Forgotten Ethl VintageBeef: Fun House Prank” VintageBeef: End of Mindfrack 4″. From the unofficial fan-run MindCrack and HermitCraft wiki. Trying to drop an anvil on generikb Looking at the speedy spawn animals and a baby pigman in the Nether Starting to build EthoCorp Laboratories. Cleaning up the nether makeover on his cave. Subscribing generikb for the “Von Sway” home design and decor service in return for his cat delivery service.

Working on the building for the first capture point Discussing all the games he is currently playing Testing Rockm Sockm Robots at Seth’s place.

Discussing modifications to the gold and ghast farm Raging at his ghast death A multitude of endermites Unexpected death Searching for ice plains spike biome.

At the Nether Hub At the Blaze 55 constructing a walkway An attempt at encapsulating a static fire ball. Building a donut-shaped carrot farm in the modular hexagonal village at Ethopia in addition to small adjustments. Reviewing the progress on the Nether Hub expansion Connecting the hubs with rail. Strip mining for cobble Progress on his ethi track Addition of a rail entrance and beginning to work on the track to the blaze farm.

Setting up the mushrooms Circle stone block generator. Working on the modular hexagonal buildings in Ethopia Exploring spawn, visiting the new Fairy Fountain and buying some enchanted books Peaking at Adlington’s new build in spawn. Season 3 Finale 2 of 2 “.

Etho/videos – The Unofficial Fan-Run MindCrack and HermitCraft Wiki

Pranking Adlington by covering his castle grounds with Canada themed decorations Hockey, moose calls and minscrack. Placing Redstone dust all around the double Blaze spawners. Views Read Edit View history. Building a pond Working on his road Building a T-Rex statue. Working on the storage area in his jungle base Showing the state of the mob farm Working on the crumbling tower game with Beef.