Simoun, now unmasked as the perpetrator of the attempted arson and failed revolution, becomes a fugitive. Please help to ensure that disputed statements are reliably sourced. Simoun wishes to attack during a stage play with all of his enemies in attendance. Simoun, for his part, keeps in close contact with the bandit group of Kabesang Tales, a former cabeza de barangay who suffered misfortunes at the hands of the friars. Subsequently the students are accused of being behind flyers that call for rebellion against the state. On the occasion of the wedding of Paulita Gomez and Juanito Pelaez, he gives a wedding gift to them a beautiful lamp.

As people begin to panic, the lamp flickers. Basilio has a change of heart and attempts to warn Isagani, his friend and the former sweetheart of Paulita. Isagani says he does not know. According to Simoun, the lamp will stay lighted for only twenty minutes before it flickers; if someone attempts to turn the wick, it will explode and kill everyone—important members of civil society and the Church hierarchy—inside the house. Both of Rizal’s novels had a profound effect on Philippine society in terms of views about national identity, the Catholic faith and its influence on Filipino’s choice, and the government’s issues of corruption, abuse, and discrimination, and on a larger scale, the issues related to the effect of colonization on people’s lives and the cause for independence. Tuesday, 5 June Plot summary. Maria Clara found out that the letters of her mother were addressed to Padre Damaso about their unborn child which means that she is the biological daughter of the priest and not of her father, Capitan Tiago. Basilio, at this point, is a graduating student of medicine at the Ateneo Municipal de Manila.

El Filibusterismo – Chapter 2 Summary

A few days after the mock celebration by the students, the people are agitated when disturbing posters are found displayed around the city. Chracters Basilio accepts their explanation and understands their desire to learn Spanish since their books are in Spanish. Discuss some of the characters, such as Don Custodio, Ben Zayb, and the dancer Pepay, who are at the theater. Captain Tiago dies after learning of the incident and as stated in his will—forged by Filibusteeismo, all fharacters possessions are given to the Church, leaving nothing for Basilio.

This steamer is sailing upstream the Pasig from Manila to Laguna de Bay. But before he dies he signs a will; unknown to him, it was forged by Father Irene. Mortally wounded, and carrying his treasure chest, he sought refuge in the home of Padre Florentino by the sea. They realize that Isagani and Simoun lived in towns close to each other. Basilio is left in prison as the other students are released. Once a farmer owning a prosperous sugarcane plantation, Tales was forced to give everything he had owned to the greedy, unscrupulous Spanish friars.


One was shot and the other survives. What is a filibustero and how does the flyer become an occasion for the charge? Simoun, now unmasked as the perpetrator of the attempted arson and failed revolution, becomes a fugitive. Tiago’s will originally stated that Basilio should inherit all his property, but due to this forgery his property is given in parts, one to Santa Clara, one for the archbishop, one for the Pope, wnd one for the religious orders, leaving nothing for Basilio to inherit.

Facsimile copy of the first page of the manuscript of El Filibusterismo. Found guilty, he was, at the age of thirty-five, shot at dawn on December 30, Discuss his past and its relevance to the narrative of El Filibusterismo. Exactly how does he intend to accomplish this? The explosion and revolution could cuaracters fulfilled his ideals for Filipino society; he had contradicted his own belief characers he loved his nation more than he loved Paulita.

Simoun says he heard Charxcters Camorra say that morning that there is a lack of energy in the country because people drink too much water.

Below deck, sick Chinese peddlers are sleeping. He smuggles arms into the country with the help of a rich Chinese merchant, Quiroga, who wants very much to be Chinese consul of Manila. He escapes by diving into the river as guards anc after him. Tuesday, 5 June Plot summary.

Clerical abuses, European ideas of liberalism, and growing international trade fueled a burgeoning national consciousness. Learn More About El Filibusterismo print.

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El Filibusterismo – Chapter 2 Summary – Rizalville

Part of a series on the. Simoun, for his part, keeps in close contact with the bandit group of Kabesang Tales, a former cabeza de barangay who suffered misfortunes at the hands of the friars. The friar attempts to rape her but she commits suicide rather than submit to his lustful designs. It calls on the Filipino to recover his self-confidence, to appreciate his own worth, to return to the heritage of his ancestors, to assert himself as the equal of the Spaniard.


The excommunication was later rescinded upon the intervention of the Governor General. As he is dying, he confesses to Padre Florentino, revealing his true identity, his dastardly plan to use his wealth to avenge himself, and his sinister aim to destroy his friends and enemies. However deep in his heart, he is secretly cherishing a terrible revenge against the Spanish authorities.

After many years he returned to the Philippines, where he freely moved around.

Retrieved from ” https: A meager inheritance is all that is given to Basilio and all the incarcerated students are soon released except for him. Discuss the scene that transpires at the Kiapo Fair, when the disembodied head at Mr. Isagani says he does not know. It is already night when Padre Florentino, wiping the sweat from his wrinkled brow, rises and begins to meditate.

He later regrets his impulsive action because he had contradicted his own belief that he loved his nation more than Paulita and that the explosion and revolution could have fulfilled his ideals for Filipino society.

His two magnificent obsessions are to rescue Maria Clara from the nunnery of Santa Clara and to foment a revolution against the hated Spanish masters. He has seen that you have suffered, and in ordaining that the chastisement for your faults should come as death from the very ones you have instigated to crime, we can see His infinite mercy.

Flyers circulated in relation to this cause the students to be accused of being filibusteros. Simoun spares Basilio’s life and tells his story of his past, then asks him to join in his planned revolution against the government, egging him on by bringing up the tragic misfortunes of the latter’s family.

Father Irene tries to turn the wick up when Isagani, due to his undying love for Paulita, bursts in the room and throws the lamp into the river, sabotaging Simoun’s plans. We are experiencing technical difficulties.

He consoles the dying man saying: