Dhana realizes that Digambar wants money for placing a bet. Mauli comes to wake up Ghana. When Radha returns home, Prachi tells her that she is going back home. Devki expresses her gratitude to Mauli for doing so much for the family. Ulka advises him to take a rational decision. Digambar tells Supriya that he liked Mahesh as a person. He makes it clear to her that diamond really doesn’t suit him. Dhyana then moves on to Ulka and explains to her the difference between bookish knowledge and the experiences of life.

Vallari asks Supriya to accompany her for Ghana’s shopping. Ulka is about to reveal Ghana’s problem to Devki when Pari informs them that Mayi has summoned all of them. Devki also adds that she has a feeling that Radha will become her daughter-in-law. When Sonia enquires, Radha replies that she has invited trouble by consenting for the marriage. Shripad tells Ghana to approve the girl as he has to fulfill Mayi’s last wish. Just then Pari informs Ghana that Mayi has called for him. Mahesh seeks Avinash’s permission to spend some more time in the office as he has to go to meet Radha’s in-laws after that.

The entire family is eagerly awaiting Ghana. Ghana firmly tells Mayi and the others that the engagement will not take place. Radha and Mahesh find the house too big for a family of four. Radha is stunned to hear Sonia lagnacgi her husband to take her shopping for Radha’s engagement. He tells Radha about Appa harassing Mayi in the form of a crow. Everyone is busy with the ceremony. Devki rushes out leaving the press on Ghana’s outfit.

Devki also tells Radha that she likes her a lot and she will never lack having a daughter. Radha assures him that e,a will surely find the person meant for her. Devki tells Shripad that they will accompany Ghana to see the prospective bride. Vallari’s daughter Kuhu is busy composing poetries.


Prachi points out to Mahesh that there was a hidden message in the suggestion that the ring should have a gem stone if not a diamond.

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Shripad informs his family that the auspicious date is day after. Devki is helping Radha choose a sari when she notices the bracelet given by her lying on the table.

Kuhu is busy composing a poem about her future husband. Prachi tells Mahesh that she will also have to inform the jeweler that she won’t be ordering the jewelry from him. Avinash tells him that he will be there in the morning to help him with the arrangements. He advises Vallari to allow Ghana to have registered marriage or else bear the consequences. However, Mayi tells Ghana that she wants yes for an answer.

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Just then Pari informs Ghana that Mayi has called for him. Ghanshyam Kale alias Ghana Swapnil Joshi is caught by a traffic police for not presenting the correct documents. Mayi tells Madhura that she has no choice but to listen to her grandchildren. Ulka replies that it is a tradition.

She even taunts Vallabh over his various flop businesses while Vallabh defends himself by passing remarks on Vallari’s father. Ulka tells Ghana that she has spoken to the family about him. Supriya asks Sumukhi to make tea for Devki.


Radha too explains to Prachi that she and Ghana are very practical. Devki shows around the house to Radha, while Mahesh chats with Shripad and his brothers. Supriya lies to Devki that Sumukhi has prepared the snacks. Just then Ghana returns home. Radha dismisses it saying that it is a superstition. Ghana tells Mahesh that the marriage shouldn’t be called off because of misunderstandings.

Vallari is stunned and wonders about how weird her children are. Shripad Mohan Joshi is solving a crossword puzzle, while his epissode Devki Ila Bhate is grumbling over the increased prices and other things.

Mahesh reminds her that it is going to be a registered marriage.

Yamuna tells him that she has placed a bet with Ganga and that he should approve of the girl. He tries to change the topic when she comes back into the room. Manav is very sad to hear it. Mahesh finds it very difficult to convince Radha. He puts it in an envelope. Digambar returns home from office. Ulka agrees when Ghana asks her if Mayi often sees Appa in the eoisode of a crow.

Shripad appreciates Mayi for managing to convince Ghana. Ghana and Radha come back and announce that they are willing to get married, leaving their parents astonished. Is he expressing his wish to himself? Kuhu gets emotional and speaks out her heart to Ghana.