We got enemy in her. Like 0 Dislike 0. She promises that she will see Dev back in few days, she will get him out of jail. Rajnath says you are our servant, will you talk to me like this. Shaurya talks to Sanjukta. Brilliant to see everything going Durgas way!

Sign in Recover your password. He asks the jailer to distribute the cake to everyone. She folds her hands. Pakistani Dramas Indian Dramas. Page 1 of 1. Her methods of claiming justice are unconventional as she steps out of the shackles of traditionalism and utilises her Mind to conquer Might!

Rajnath meets him and asks why is he here. Rajnath says you are our servant, will you talk to me like this. Nice episodeā€¦gud to see sakshi worried. Durga sigs on it. She says come, let me introduce my son. Bose says I got sponsors too for this. She says you need my help, so better keep your ego at side and let me do my work. The show tracks the journey of Durga as she attempts to stand up to the power and might of the influential Goenka family.

Moon 31st Oct – 2: Durga says I will take her sign and takes the papers. All videos hosted on third party websites. Find the latest versions of supported browsers below.


Ek Haseena Thi

Indrabose says he has imp work and will tell only Suchitra. Shaurya talks to Sanjukta. The Episode starts with Dev thinking how does Durga know all details. Suchitra says she is glad that Dev and Durga will head it now. Yr wat is this watcb ko nikaloo jail sa.

Sakshi looks on stunned. Welcome, Login to your account.

Internet Explorer 30tu Microsoft. Shaurya says my hot new physiotherapist is lucky to meet me, I will make you my trophy. She makes her strong and asks her not to cry, and not show anyone that she is weak. She asks Bose to get resignation letter from Sakshi. Durga holds her hands and keeps her hand on her head.

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Suchitra asks Durga what did Dev say having the halwa she sent him. Suchitra asks is everything as we discussed. So please replace it and use some good sarees so that see will look more pretier and cute. Durga says I m doing this as its my duty. The servant says Indrabose came to meet you and Suchitra. He coughs seeing her, as she is plain looking eek girl.

Sakshi asks did you prepare papers. Durga thinks she has to expose Sakshi to get Dev out, she has to do this work soon. That is old fashioned. Brilliant to see everything going Durgas way! A password will be e-mailed to you. Prev 1 2 3 Next. Suchitra comes and meets him. Sakshi comes to her and taunts her. Sign In Sign Up. Suchitra says your son loves you a lot, he said he want to see you fine as before, and you should not octobee.


She says elders just give blessings, not fold hands. She folds her hands. If thts the case watcb serial would be great this serial takg unexpected twist always gud gng as of nw.

A lady Sanjukta Rey comes to meet her. She thinks she should taunt about Raima seeing Sakshi angry. She promises that she will see Dev back in few days, she will get him out of jail.