By Rolling Frames Entertainment views. Apni Baat Rahul Ke Saath: Mrityunjay promises to meet her after his marriage. Radha becomes depressed about the same. Finally, I am in the K category. She becomes depressed about the same.

By Chennai Channel views. Will Mrityunjay be able to do the same? Will this one decision change her life forever? Radha and Tara learn about Raghu’s death. Tara gets ready for her mehndi ceremony. Tara misses Mrityunjay, and calls him. Yug notices Rudra entering Mrityunjay’s stable. Will Omkar be able to save Balli Mrityunjay?

Meethi and Vasu make fun of Tara. Ek Boond Ishkq – 19th February Omkar regrets misleading his mother about Sia Tara.

Episode #1.115

Yug informs Radha about her case. He promises to bring Raghu’s assassins to justice. Mrityunjay decides to protect Radha.

Jairaaj praises Tara for her effort in finding Radha. Ep Radha escapes from Rudra. Radha advices Mrityunjay to profess his love to Tara.

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Kalavati’s associates inform her that Radha, Tara and Mrityunjay are dead. Aradhana and Nandu make arrangements for Tara’s marriage. Ghar title ka par episode 20 promo Bilal Asif 10 months ago.


Ep Radha escapes from Rudra. Mrityunjay thanks Tara for saving them. Lots of videos and lots more in the pipeline. Mrityunjay professes his love to Tara, but she refuses to accept the same.

Tara, an energetic, independent girl, agrees to marry a wealthy boy, Mrityunjay, to save her family from an impending financial crisis. Ep Sia Tara humiliates Omkar in the party. Ek Boond Ishkq – 17th September He promises to bring Raghu’s assassins to justice. Please seek prior permission before using any part of this video iwhq any form. Ek Boond Ishq English: Ek Boond Ishkq – 17th July Wk Rudra succeed in trapping Mrityunjay?

Tara learns that Dadaji has returned to the Shekhawat mansion. Stay tuned for all the breaking news in Hindi! Radha wishes to attend Mrityunjay’s marriage. Mrityunjay feels guilty for not being able to protect Radha. Will Balli learn the truth about his past? Rudra regrets for not being epsode to kill Mrityunjay and Tara.

Kalavati learns that her party has lost the election. The world is complex, exciting, layered, evolving, always interesting. We cover upper body and some thigh workouts for fast fat loss. Mrityunjay convinces Tara not to worry about Rudra. However, Aradhana consoles her. Sia Tara pleads with Omkar to save Balli Mrityunjay. Tara meets Aradhana, and proves that Mrityunjay is innocent.


By Sanjay Jaluthriya views. Laado plans to get Mannat killed by Balli Mrityunjay.

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Nandu wishes to meet Aditya, but Tara intervenes. Mrityunjay learns that Yug is Radha’s brother. Tara wants Mrityunjay to have a haircut. Will Mrityunjay be able to do the same? Mrityunjay wishes to keep Tara happy. Watch Logistics to be the backbone of economic activity of India: Will Mrityunjay be able to do the same?