Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Kasane Kujiragi talks to Nakura, who says that he sold his name to Izaya and received books about folklore in the mail. Loved the narration and how things played out this episode. But poor Izaya is going to get screwed over soon, ne. Nobody interesting or important gets slashed or hypnotized during the Saika debacle. Granted, nobody gave any amazing performances, but some special shout-outs are deserved regardless. Despite the emphasis on it throughout the entire series, her beheaded reunion is strangely anticlimactic.

Indeed, her final encounter with Mizuki, the gangster who has ties to her past and ripped out his own eye to stop Saika from entering him, proves her newfound outlook. Kasane and Haruna go their separate ways, while Erika tells Anri that Kyohei has woken up from his comatose state. In this final season, Ketsu has many characters that it ultimately does not handle well. Anri has noticed a change in the city of Ikebukuro as well as the behavior of Mikado. Review , Winter Later, Seiji mentions to Mika that he put two fingers over his lips when he leaned in to kiss Namie. I noticed this already, but it’s just hilarious to see all of the spoilers in the ED. I don’t get why she fainted at the end tho.

Meanwhile, Shizuo continues to chase Izaya, ending up to where Aoba and Chikage are located in the streets. Love between friends and people in general counts, too. Vorona pushes Shizuo from getting hit at the cost of her left leg injured.

Mikado arrives to save Non and her friends from some delinquent members of the Dollars, but he fails as he ends up getting beaten up by the delinquent members.

Nobody interesting or important gets slashed or hypnotized during the Saika debacle. Izaya is one awesome guy!! BBCode All duraarra goes to Sacred. In the biology room, they discussed if it is possible to fall in love with a zombie. The second season of the Durarara!!

Anri has noticed a change in the city of Ikebukuro as well as the behavior of Mikado. Kasane, who overheard jetsu two, reveals herself as the original Saika, before she restrains and shocks Haruna. As Kyohei leaves Russia Sushi and ponders, he becomes the victim of a hit and runwhich is then posted in the online chat room. A live broadcast of Celty Sturluson being chased by Kinnosuke Kuzuhara is shown.

Meanwhile, Shizuo is visited by Kasuka Heiwajimawho brought Ruri with him. Namie throws a pair of surgical scissors at Mika, but Mika blocks it with a spade.


Dropping the coloring of the unimportant people places extra emphasis on the other characters which in turn gives them more importance. In the online chat room, Chikage tells Mikado to call him, interrupting Namie and her rants. Yeah pretty much, Anri attacked him before and he barely showed any effort in stopping her. When two people reunite after a long time, be they the best of friends or mortal enemies, the sudden yet familiar interaction causes emotions to fly and movement to occur.

Yet, for one last time, the actual animation remains relatively low. Masaomi tells Kyohei, Walker and Saburo that the Blue Squares are responsible for tossing out the bad apples in the Dollars, but does not answer if Mikado has something to do with this.

Yodogiri and Kasane are walking in the parking garage, where the former receives a phone call from Izaya, who somehow causes a car to crash discusaion Yodogiri. She believed to have led a carefree life in elementary school until she researched that her family business was really a crime syndicate.

Mikado, who was fully masked, lights Durarrara on fire, causing Kisuke to run away in anguish. Izaya also convinced Akane that Shizuo was the most dangerous hitman in the city. Celty Sturluson arrives at the apartment and is surprised to see so many familiar faces. Back on the rooftop, Celty receives a call from Izaya Oriharawho disfussion watching the live broadcast.

Once Celty leaves, she realizes that Izaya was carrying her head in his bag. Saki admits to being a puppet of Izaya, who ordered her to date Masaomi, but she ended up genuinely falling in love with Masaomi. Episide provocation of Anri also caught my attention because of how tense it was, and that wasn’t just down to how they presented it either. But poor Izaya is going to get screwed over soon, ne. Mikado tells Aoba that it is a bad idea to pass by the hospital to visit Kyohei, yet Mikado is somewhat glad that Kyohei is there.

I’m just a manga that wants to be read, like you could find anywhere.

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As Anri opens the door, Vorona uses a pair of loppers to break the door chain. Great episode overall though, lots of foreshadowing all around and that ending has me even now worried now that Celty’s head is out in the public as well as seeing Celty herself fiscussion like that TwT.


Anri is not the only example. Another great episode, as usual.

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After blocking one attack from Haruna, Anri realizes that she called herself a parasite, neither a human nor a monster. Izaya is trolling as always, provoking Anri to the point of wanting to kill him. As the police chase after them, Tom suggests for Shizuo to hide Akane at Shinra’s apartment. But even discussuon importantly for this season, having the civilians as a mass of gray adds to the zombification conflict episoode occurs.

So whilst Izaya himself has chosen his current path, Kujiragi has been forced with hers, even now. However, Shinra hangs up on Izaya, who then uses a ploy to get the cops to call Shinra back. Mamoru Miyano as Masaomi strains his voice with sincere emotion.

And so on and so forth. Despite Masaomi’s pleas, another gunshot is heard. At the minimum, the overarching plotline does see a conclusion. Saki Mikajima visits Anri at her apartment, where Saki durararq if Anri has romantic feelings towards Masaomi or Mikado, but Anri sees them as guardian angels for saving her life in the past.

But I’m very interested to see where the three way Saika subplot goes However, slowly but surely, Izaya’s little group is falling apart becaue of internal sabotage I don’t like that girl that tried to kill him at all tbh and everyone being fake about their loyalty to him, so I discusion help but feel like he’s gonna get screwed so hard soon: After school, Aoba tries to make plans with Mikado and Anri to meet the next day, but Mikado has his mind on Masaomi’s warning. Mikado tries not to smile when Aoba says that either war discussion surrender can be an order.

Also, Saika in that crazy looking chick attacked him as well, and he stopped that. Shock or sth else? Kasane durxrara that Saika not only can slash humans to create offspring, but it also can make new swords if its blade breaks.