Episodes 13 and 14 are my favorites and the BEST-est ones for me! I’m really hoping for it to be Sami, but this drama is really good and smart so they could easily turn it to Hye mi thinking of jin gook but actually feels really bad so she looks at sam doong like how she should like sam doong better but I dont kno, there is probably a big chance that it is Sam dong she likes!!! While I would understand the performer being ashamed and such, I’m not quite sure why the public would rip Baek-hee apart to shreds. Yellow Tears Japanese Movie. The Jingook who gets you, who says exactly the things you need to hear to do the right things. Lacey February 22, at 6: The students cheer and clap at the spectacle, while Principal Shi has palpitations in his office, and Jin-man watches sadly.

You just need to wait for 10 years and she’s yours! I was like ‘Show Thank you thank you!! Even on the Ferris wheel when he was with her, he didn’t really do a love confession, the talk was more about his father.. The King of Dramas Korean Drama. A thousand times, thank you! I cried when I watched and I cried when I read.

Dream High 2 – Episode 10

As for Jingook – maybe he will discover some unknown feelings for the new Baek Hee? Made me gasp when she gasped! Saigo no Yakusoku Japanese Special. Rather than scolding her, Kyung-jin blinks back tears and decides that they can conduct their lessons here, instead — every night at 9pm, just the two of them.


Kwon Hae Hyo Supporting Cast. Even so, I don’t understand why the performer gets blamed. Hajimari no Uta Japanese Special. By the way, Eunjung done a really great job with Baekhee’s complex character.

But did anyone else think that Jin Gook’s dad was a dick? Although he really liked Hye mi, I believe that his father’s love was the most important to him.

I don’t know if this is possible – but what if its eppisode of them? The one who gets and respects you to the core of your being.

The Movie Japanese Movie. It aint over til its over, right? Cause he’s that awesome. Hey, an inch goes a long way.

Kimi wa Petto Japanese Drama. LOLz at Russian Lahlita-unni.

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Good Lord, I didn’t close my italics. I wouldn’t be surprised if they left it open-ended. Baek-hee says she finds it embarrassing to face the other kids. Jin-gook reminds her by mimicking her Robot Voice: Full House Take 2 Korean Drama. I’m just dancing on the celling cos Hyemi realises she has feelings for the “to lovely for words” Sam Dong!

I’m totally banking on the fact that JYP is going to turn out to be K Quaggy February 22, at 5: Meta [Happily never after] 49 days of still bitter by Guest Beanie.


Hana Yori Dango 2 Japanese Drama.

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And finally, the hand holding the photo seemed female. I still love Jin-gook but I want her with San-dong! City Hunter Korean Drama. Whereas the president can fly mostly if not entirely eipsode the radar because A his behavior is not uncommon in the industry and B he’s not in the public eye as an aspiring hallyu star and representative of Korea.

Crows Zero Japanese Movie. Romance Is a Bonus Book: Nihonjin no Shiranai Nihongo Japanese Drama. Ye Eun Supporting Cast.

Like you said, I felt like I was living in hell. But I should’ve known Gookmi was a sinking ship Yet his face falls as she declares the three students worthy of recommendation: Childhood love turned real love is soooo sweet! It’s kimchierama really empowering moment.

Episode 11

So the kiss was needed but it wasn’t to know who the OTP was. I really want to hear you sing. I just wish HM really chooses SD. Into the Fire Korean Movie. NKB February 22, at 3: TV Dream High 2 Episode